My competition training partner needed a day off today, but he sent me the scheduled workout so I was on my own to make it happen. Even though I was doing individual programming, I was not alone. The CFD 6:15 crew was keeping an eye on me and had my back all morning long. Very cool.

Double Under practice – Einar told me to do 60 DU’s in 5 min or less. Using my new shorter rope I got them done in 4:56. Lots of runs of 3-5. Not great, but getting better. All the work with the short rope the past few weeks has made me more efficient with my longer rope.

On Sunday I did a partner WOD and ran off runs of 20 and 25 with relative ease using the longer rope. I expect I’ll continue to train with the shorter rope to refine my technique then compete with the longer.

Rope Climbs and Pull Ups

Einar told me last week that we were doing rope climbs today. He selectively failed to mention that they would be LEGLESS rope climbs, until he sent me the full WOD on Monday. 😉 The assignment was  2 rounds of 2 legless rope climbs and 5 strict dead hang pull ups. I modified this slightly to 2 climbs and 3 deadhangs. I’ll explain why shortly.

I’ve never done legless climbs before and they went really well! Got all 4 assigned climbs. I probably would have been no-repped for my descents, just for my own safety. I held the rope with one hand, but slid down it nearly freefalling. I have the rope burns on my finger tips to prove it, too. Lesson learned. But I got up the rope without using my legs and touched the cross beam 4 times, so I’m very psyched. That was a first and it damn sure well went on the monthly PR board!

It was pretty cool to hear the encouragement and cheers from the rest of the 6:15 crew as I was climbing and they were all working on Turkish Get Ups. I really appreciated it.

This is the reason I allowed myself to scale back the dead hangs. For those who are unfamiliar, Fran is a benchmark WOD consisting of Thrusters at 95# and Pull ups. You do 21 reps of each, then 15 of each then 9 of each. It’s probably one of the most well known Crossfit workouts in existence.

I’ve been mulling this workout over in my head since Einar shared it with me on Monday. Last time I did Fran I bombed! That has been bugging me since February and I’ve been itching for another shot at the WOD since then.

I was nervous though. I definitely feed off the intensity of the room when I work out. Generating the intensity and the motivation to go hard when I’m working alone is a big hurdle for me. Still, I was looking forward to the challenge.

A funny thing happened along the way though. Even though I was the only one doing Fran, I wasn’t really alone. Before I got rolling I mentioned to my friend Craig that I was taking on Fran today and while the 6:15 crew was working on sumo deadlifts for their strength segment word got around the room that that’s what I was doing.

By the time I was into the round of 15 folks were cheering and encouraging me from every corner of the box between their own sets. “C’mon, Paul.”

“Keep it up, Paul.”

“Get back on the bar, Paul.”

“You got it, Paul.”

By the time I was into the round of 9, most of the other folks had finished their sets and a few had gathered around to really coach me through.

“OK. 3 breaths, then back on the bar. Ready? Three, two, one, GO!”

It was awesome. I was flying solo, but I wasn’t really alone! What a fantastic feeling to have those people rally around and push me forward. The CFD 6:15 crew truly is a remarkable bunch and I appreciate everyone of them.

Final time? 9:04. Not a PR day. Best I’ve ever done Fran is 8:35. However, it’s a far cry from the 10:46 that I posted in February, so I’m very satisfied!

Cash Out: Atlas Stone Cleans

I’ve been reading up on some of the events that Team Superfit has done at other competitions and some of them included Atlas Stones. I’ve never handled one and I mentioned that to Einar last week. So he programmed it into today’s training. I was pretty confident I could clean a stone to my shoulder, but had no idea how to bring it back to the foor safely. Didn’t seem like the kind of thing I should try to work out on game day.

I did 6 cleans to each shoulder with the 115# stone. That was pretty cool to experiment with those. At least now I’m familiar with the range of motion and if it comes up, I won’t be making things up on the fly.

So, two firsts and a solid benchmark WOD time. All in all a very good day.