I haven’t written since Wednesday? There’s too much to go over since then.

Suffice it to say I worked out Thursday and Friday according to schedule and nothing particularly noteworthy occurred. Except that the 6:15 Crossfit Durham crew rose up and responded to the Friday Funky Shorts challenge initiated by my OWN WIFE and the 11:45 crew! While the 11:45 crew definitely had attitude to spare, 6:15 came through with the style and the funk. Round 1 to the morning crowd.

Let’s face it. With this crew, how could we lose?


6:15 dominates the Friday Funky Shorts Challenge

6:15 dominates the Friday Funky Shorts Challenge

OK. Now to catch up.

Sunday WOD
Strength: Close Grip Bench 1RM
Just missed a PR of 240! I took two shots at this and missed both. First time I let the bar down too fast. It got pinned to my chest and for reasons I can’t explain once I actually got a bit of leverage on it, I raised my elbows up (Hey! That works in almost any other lift, right?!) and then the bar path got loopy and I lost control. Good thing Craig was spotting me. It could have been ugly.

Second time through I controlled the descent better and got the bar up off my chest a few inches then stalled. I just couldn’t force it up to the top. It was one of those lifts where instead of max weight I was going for max time! I lie there pushing and pushing and waiting and waiting and it wasn’t going anywhere. Finally I nodded to Craig and he bailed me out again. Oh well.

20 minutes EMOM
100M on odd minutes
10 Burpees even minutes

I thought this one looked incredibly tough on paper. I was dreading doing it. Turned out to be a lot of fun! Partly it was cool because this was a workout the kids could participate in.

There were only 5 adults at the 11am Sunday session so there was space for both Lil Bit and Whirlwind to run with the grown ups. They both took great pride in beating the adults up and down the side walk.

Lil Bit hung in for 4 or maybe 5 sprints and two rounds of burpees, but she’s 5, so we’ll just say she scaled appropriately. She took more entertainment in counting down 3-2-1 GO with Coach Lori for the remaining rounds. Afterall, how often does a five year old get to tell her parents to “get moving and get back to work?”

Whirlwind hung in for the duration. Today he might be regretting that decision. He was moving kind of stiff legged today as he was preparing for the first day of the school year this morning.

It was really cool to take part in a workout that the kids could embrace and complete with no scaling. We all enjoyed it.

Woke up feeling beat up today and deliberated for quite a while whether or not I would go to the gym. Ultimately, I chose to go.

Warm ups: Knew I was in for a long day when Rachel put us through across the floor mobility drills and I was just feeling weak and knotted up. My shoulders in particular felt bound up as we worked through twisting lunges.

Skills: Double Unders – used the short rope today and strung 2 or 3 reps together from time to time. Not great. Not bad

Strength: 2 sets of 4 reps heavy thrusters, 1 set max reps

Worked up to 125# with Mike Brown and was surprised to find out that my hips were still sticky. In fact everything down my right leg from my hip to my ankle was still tight.

Talked that over with Rachel and we came to the mutual decision that today was a Recovery WOD day. There was no point in trying to max out anything in particular. Just needed to keep moving, but not crush myself today.

8 minute AMRAP
200M run
10/10 pistols
10 Jerks (145# rx)

I scaled the pistols to a 12″ box + a 35# plate and pulled back the Jerk to 125#.

I did 2 sets of 5 reps per leg each round to complete the pistols. All jerks were done as push jerks and went unbroken.

I got 2 full rounds in, plus a 200M run and 19 additional pistols. That was a fair bit of work given how I was feeling. For the remainder of today and all of tomorrow’s rest day my focus is on mobility. Lots of foam rolling and stretching to try and work out these kinks. Afterall, there’s no telling what Einar has in mind for Wednesday.