Am I tough enough? That’s the question I find myself mulling over as I reflect on today’s workout. It was definitely a day of hits and misses.

Einar was back for competition training today. It sas good to be working out with him again.

Double Under Practice: Goal: 70 reps in 5 minutes. Both of us struggled with these today. I just barely muddled through and got the required reps in. Just one of those days where I seemed to have a tough time putting all the pieces together. First my hands were off, then I was donkey kicking. Then something else was out of synch. Just wasn’t able to tie it all together from top to bottom.
Ah well.

Rope Climbs: Did 3 rope climbs using legs today. I’m regretting my absent-mindedness and my failure to wear long socks. Can you say rope burn? Oops.

But I did climbs with and without the rope twisted around one leg. I prefer the twist just because I’m more familiar with it, but I was able to climb the rope twice without using the twist and without issue so that was cool.

For my fourth climb, I was going to demonstrate to Einar how I could do the legless rope climbs, which I announced as I stepped back away from the rope.

As I strode forward to jump up he said, “Wait. Do it from the ground!”

I shrugged and said, “OK,” and reached up to grab the rope over my head. Einar said, “No. Do it from the ground.”

I said, “My feet are flat on the floor. I can’t be more on the ground.” I was wrong.

He said, “Sit down.”

I said, “Aw, shit.”

Starting from a seated position I was able to get to right about my own head height. We’ll be generous and call it six feet. That was a bit humbling.

Deadhang pull ups: These were also humbling today. The goal was to do two rounds of 5. I think I pulled off 3 each round.

METCON: So yesterday Einar informed me we would be doing 15-9-6 pull ups, push ups and thrusters at 95# with a 10 minute cap.

We’re talking a lot about visualization and goal setting and I spent a fair bit of time yesterday envisioning myself doing this WOD unbroken. That’s a fairly ambitious goal for me, but I thought I was up to it and was thinking on it and psyching myself up for it all morning.

At the last moment, we modified the WOD. We shifted to 21-15-9 pull ups and push ups with a 1 mile run.

We had some miscommunication here too which was messing with my head.

Einar first said, “OK, we’ll do 21-15-9, and a 1 mile run. Then to cash out, we’ll do it again.”

I was shocked. I said, “Wait, wait. Wait! Two rounds of 21-15-9 and 1-mile runs?”

He clarified, “No. 21-15-9, 1 mile run and then we’ll just do the 21-15-9 again to cash out.”

At that point, I was thinking to myself, “It’s 6:45. I have to leave at 7:15 to help get the kids to school. We’d better get our asses moving.”

All in all, it was an interesting lesson in managing my emotions and shifting gears to adapt to the unknown.

I was dreading the thought of going through the couplet again and as a result all through the run I was distracted and not mindful of my breathing, pace etc. Einar kept trying to bring me back into the present with mixed results. Maybe it was just my mood, but the run felt like a slog and I felt like I was slowing Einar down.

At one point he asked how I was doing and I confessed that I had a cramp in my right calf. As we hit the last corner Einar challenged me to sprint through to the finish line. I took two fast strides and my calf just seized. I cried out and hobbled through the finish line best I could. According to Einar we crossed the finish line around 14:10

While I was sitting their massaging my leg and basically sulking Einar announced, “that’s enough for today, we’ll skip the cash out.” While I appreciated his willingness to give me a reprieve, I wasn’t satisfied with that and wouldn’t accept it. I made up my own mind to modify a bit and do 12-9-6 of the pull ups and push ups.

As we were headed indoors, Einar pointed out that we ran the mile in 7:10. I don’t have a 1-mile time recorded in my workout journal, but if that’s not a personal record, it’s damn close! That helped improve my attitude and put a bit of a charge back into me for the cashout.

The cashout went ok. By the round of 6 it was difficult to jump up to the pull up bar again. Nice motivator to stay on the bar and try to finish.

Now, 8 hours removed from the WOD after eating enough bananas to choke a chimp, drinking enough water to drown a fish and wearing a flat side in one of my lacrosse balls trying to relieve the cramp, I’m still nervous about how much I’ll be able to accomplish coaching my daughter’s soccer practice tonight.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m also trying to decide what to do about tomorrow’s WOD. At this point, I think I’m going to relinquish my reserved spot in the session, but go in and attend as an ‘open platform’ athlete and use the hour as an extended mobility/stretching session. But this is where I struggle. Do I tough it out and try to WOD, but scale depending on the events? Or do I sit out a day and try to recupperate? Always a debate.