Einar selected a particularly devilish workout for today and neither of us anticipated the results.

Skill 1: Double Unders – Accumulate 80 reps inside of 5 minutes

I switched to my longer rope today. Runs were not as long as I would like but there were a couple of extended runs beyond 15 reps, so pretty good.

I travelled some on one of the longer runs and Einar called me out. As penance, I did an additional 20 reps. Still got them in under the 5 minute cap, so that was cool.

Skill 2 Rope Climbs and Dead hang Pull ups
Coordination for these was a real challenge today. Just couldn’t seem to figure out which leg to wrap the rope around or which direction to wrap it. Early morning confusion, I guess.

Once I got the details worked out, the two rope climbs with legs were pretty straight forward. The legless rope climbs starting from the seated position were miserable. I again got to roughly 6 feet or so. Kind of disappointing.

Deadhang pull ups – 2 sets of 3
Were pretty good, but I was kipping a bit the second time around. It’s minor, but it’s there and I just haven’t worked out how to eliminate it entirely.

METCON: 10, 9, 8,…1
Man-makers (25# dumb bells)
pull ups
sit ups

We both knew this WOD would be tough. Neither of us anticipated needing close to half an hour to complete it!

I was actually pleased to see the man-makers. I haven’t done them in well over a year and I have been hankering to do some. They’re just such a funky combination of movements. However, this was more than I bargained for.

I can’t quite claim unbroken on the man-makers, but I never let go of the dumb bells and I never took a knee during any round. I will own up to pausing longer than strictly necessary a couple of times between rows in the late rounds.

Pull ups felt surprisingly good today. I’ve been doing quite a lot of them lately and I wasn’t sure how they would feel. I focused on really pushing away from the bar on the descent and that helped maintain the momentum of my kip which kept me on the bar longer. I need to remember that during competition.

Sit ups – I have never enjoyed sit ups as I did today. They were such a welcome relief from the man-makers and pull ups. These did all go unbroken.

It took me 26 minutes and some change to complete this METCON. I would have been a little quicker but I repeated the round of three. I did not use poker chips or markers of any sort and some how after completing the round of three the first time, I mistakenly did three man-makers during the round of two. At that point I got confused as to what round I was on so I did three of everything. Einar and I figured out afterward that I must have repeated that round.

As I write this a few hours later, I can’t recall the last time I was this sore post-WOD. I have to concentrate to sit up with my shoulders back otherwise I’m slumping forward like a cave man at my work station.

After a 37 minute hero WOD on Monday, now today’s adventure, I’m thinking I’m going to try and take it a bit light Thursday and Friday. We’ll see. The good news is that while my right calf still feels a bit tender after last week’s cramps, it doesn’t feel aggravated.