Catching up on the past two WODs.

Thursday, September 4

EMOM for 6 minutes:
Snatch from 1st position
Snatch Balance
Snatch from 2nd postion
Snatch Balance
Use 50% 1RM = 75#

This served as a great warm up for the snatch work that followed. Spent the time here really concentrating on actively dropping under the bar fast.

Also took a cue from Coach Erin and widened my grip a bit so that the outside of my hands were on the outer edge of the knurling a couple inches from the ends of the barbell. This seemed to improve stability and let the bar hit higher up closer to my hips. That really seemed to improve my bar path.

I didn’t pay as much attention to the high pull today. I think I’ve been hyper focused on that of late and as a consequence it has been compromising my drop. I was trying to find that sweet spot in the middle today.

4 singles at 65%
4 singles at 75%
4 singles at 85%

The tweaks I mentioned above paid off handsomely here! I stuck every single lift. It’s been a long time since I can say that. Even the 4 heaviest lifts at 140 were smooth, stable and confident. Really wanted to press on to heavier weights, but there wasn’t time. I’m kind of bummed that the next snatch 1RM session is 4 or 5 weeks out. I’d love to take this confidence and technique and test sooner.

400M Run
40 reps American KB Swings 52#
30 pistols (alternating)
40 KB swings
400M Run
12 min cap

This was a tough WOD after a 37 minute hero WOD on Monday and a 26 minute man-maker marathon on Wednesday. I scaled the pistols using a 12″ box with a 15# plate on top. The METCON took 10:25 to complete. I’m satisfied with that.

Hell, I’m satisified that I even showed up!

Friday September 5

Skill: Double Unders
1 minute of Single Unders
30 seconds of Singles – right
30 seconds of Singles – left
4 minutes of Tabata Double Unders

Coordination was a major issue today. Singles went well. Everything else was pretty ugly. Not much more to be said about that. It happens. Seems that I just had no rhythm.

deadlift 2-2-2 85%
5 reps of deadlift at 55 %
3 reps of deadlift at 65 %
3 reps of deadlift at 75 %
3 sets of 2 reps of deadlift at 85 %

I was feeling tired today after the rest of the work we put in this week. I’m not making excuses. Ok. Maybe I am. Regardless 75% at 290# was all I had in the tank for deadlifts. I made one lift at 85% at 325 and it was a train wreck. I stripped back down to 290 finished that set of two, then did one more set at that weight and called it a day. Some days you have to know when to step away from the bar.


push jerk, slams, kettlebell swing (russian)
12-9-6-3 reps of:
push jerk at 155/105 lb
slams at 40/30 lb
kettlebell swing (russian) at 70/52 lb

I scaled the ball slams. Read that one again. If you know me, you know how addicted to ball slams I am. However, having just come off the deadlifts and knowing that those heavy ball slams tend to pull me forward and strain my back, I elected to scale back to 30#. Same for the KB swings. I pulled those back to 62#. Some days you have to play smarter, not harder.

Push Jerks at 155# were tough. I consciously broke the first two rounds into sets of two. Each time doing one more than half the reps. That seemed to work well.

When I approached the bar for the round of 6 I was feeling really gassed and unsure that I was going to finish. I was bent over with my hands on the bar preparing to clean it, when that thought hit me.

I let go of the bar. Stepped back and shook the thought off. I said aloud, “C’mon now. Most of the work is behind you. You got this!” I reset at the bar and went to work. I hit 4 jerks unbroken and dropped the bar for a breather. From that point on there was no self-doubt and it was clear sailing.

Finished in 7:23. Nice to be able to shake that doubt on my own and get back into a better headspace to finish.

Definitely looking forward to two consecutive days of rest this weekend.