10 days until the Superfit Team Competition with Einar. I’m getting very excited. Today’s competition training was a real confidence booster.

Skill work: DU’s – complete 80 Double Unders in under 5 minutes.

I pulled this off in right around 3 minutes! That’s still a long time for that many double unders by competition standards. I know that. For me, it’s very respectable. Had a couple of long runs over 20 reps. Most were in the 5-8 range.

They just felt comfortable today. If they come up in the competition, the biggest key will be staying calm. As long as I’m loose, they’ll flow. If I get freaked or tight, they’re gonna evaporate.

Skill work: Rope climbs & Deadhang Pull ups.

Rope climbs (with legs) were competent. Not great. Not blazing, but I felt coordinated and sure of myself on the rope. That’s important.

Deadhang Pull Ups – 2 good sets of 5. I suspect that if Einar was there this morning, he would have said I was still kipping a bit on some reps. I would have argued, but not too much. These were the best they’ve felt yet.

Wall Balls (20#)
Toes 2 Bars

I had two goals for this METCON. Complete it under five minutes and go unbroken. I was able to do both. Final time was just over 3 minutes.

Wall balls were not a challenge. Toes to bars went very well. Pleased that I was able to stay on the bar for the first twelve reps. That’s a long run for me. But it felt good. I still have an extra hitch in my kip when I do these, but it works for me. So for now I’m not going to monkey with the technique.

Cash Out: 800M Sandbag Run.

It was funny. When Einar first sent me the WOD early Tuesday he simply had “Surprise Cash Out” listed as the last element. I didn’t think anything of it. Einar likes to keep that close to his chest and make it a surprise when the rest of the work is complete.

When he messaged me last night to say that he wouldn’t be able to make today’s session, I specifically asked him for the details of the cashout.

He messaged me back saying, “you’re not going to like it.”

I responded with, “I don’t care. I want the full workout and I want to do it.”

When he sent it to me I was relieved. I had imagined it was going to be much more difficult. I had a pretty good idea that today’s METCON would be brief. Which was going to leave lots of spare time for a monster cashout.

I had it in my mind he was planning a 5K run or a 2000M row or some such. Compared to what I was dreaming up, 800M with a 40# sandbag sounded pretty tame. So when I got started this morning, I was actually looking forward to the challenge.

It took 5:05 to complete. Not great. Not awful. I’m satisfied.

My buddy Craig elected to join me rather than do the programmed METCON. That probably worked to my advantage. Having a pair of eyes on me probably forced me to work a bit harder than if I was out on the road solo. So “Thanks for the push, Craig!”

I’m itching to see the WODs for the competition, but those won’t be released until two days prior. It won’t leave any time for us to practice them in their entirety, but I think I’m ok with that. My only real concern is if they throw in some element with which I’m completely unfamiliar.

Based on what we’ve seen of the WODs the hosting organization has posted for recent past events, we’re covered. We’ve worked on ropes which we don’t get to practice often. We’ve played with Atlas Stones. I might tinker with a sled this week just to get a feel for where to hold/push it for best results.

At this point, all we can do is be patient, stay smart and stay healthy for the coming week so that we’re in top form next Saturday. Yup. I’m definitely counting it down.