Been a quirky couple of days in the gym. Fortunately, the week ended on a high note today. I needed that.

Thursday Sept 11
Complete 3 Rounds
2 Hang Power Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
2 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
Use up to 60% 1RM
Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds – I worked these at 75# and everything felt heavy. My body just felt terribly sluggish.

This caught me by surprise. Wednesday’s workout didn’t seem too tough. I didn’t expect to be so creaky. But things just weren’t smooth.

Strength: Snatch
Work up to three singles at 90%
I’m not sure why but my right knee felt very balky and dropping into a squat for snatches was just no fun.

Ultimately, I think I worked through the 85% reps at 140# and those were OK, but nothing to be proud of.

I made one 90% lift at 150, but it was UGLY! I missed a second attempt and called it a session.

Every minute on the minute (for 12 min):
6 reps of front squat at 185/115 lb [odd minutes]
30 reps of double under [even minutes]

185# was not happening. I started the WOD at 165# and successfully completed 2 rounds, but my knee was really creaking and it felt like I was pushing the boundary between below or not below parallel on EVERY rep. I skipped the squats on the third round to strip the bar to 135.

Don’t worry! I made up the missed round after the sixth round of double unders.

Speaking of double unders, they were funky. I’m coming to understand that on any given day my pace for double unders is very unpredictable. The trick seems to be finding that pace each day because it’s very rarely the same pace from one day to the next.

Some days I’m a kangaroo, with a nice and steady loping sort of hop. On those days I can string runs together over longer periods.

Thursday, I was a humming bird. My rhythm was just frantic! For whatever reason, in order to keep my hands and feet in synch I had to move both as fast as possible. The first round I blew thorugh the 30 reps in sets of 5 and 25. The second round 20 and 10. After that it got ugly. The deeper we got into the METCON the more I got gassed and couldn’t hold that pace. The last round felt like it was 15 sets of two reps each.

Getting frustrated with those and having to strip weight off the bar for the squats left me feeling less than satisfied with myself.

That made for an interesting Friday.

I sepnt about 10 minutes sitting on the couch at 5:30 this morning arguing with myself.

“Why go? Yesterday sucked. Get some more rest.’

“No. You need to go because yesterday sucked. Besides were doing Jackie today. You like that one. Get up and go.”

I went back and forth like that in my head for most of the drive to the gym too. But I went.

EMOM for 6 minutes:
3-5 Ring Dips.
I did 6 sets of VERY deep ring dips. I was deliberately dropping as absolutely deep as possible, just to see if I could push my way up out of it.

I’ve been experimenting with muscle up transitions at home lately so I wanted to test this. Pretty pleased with how deep I could go and still recover. Muscle ups are definitely going on the 2015 goals list. It’s time.


deadlift 1-1-1-1 90%
5 reps of deadlift at 60 %
3 reps of deadlift at 70 %
3 reps of deadlift at 80 %

4 singles at 90%

I did the 60, 70 & 80% lifts. We had a huge class today and that meant we needed to run two heats for Jackie. So we had to compromise time here and start the METCON early.

I had no issue with that. 80% felt plenty heavy today.

1000 m row
50 reps of thruster at 45 lb
30 reps of pull-up

Knowing we were going to run two heats, I had decided that I wanted to be in the first heat for two reasons. First, I never like starting in a second heat and feeling like I’m starting ‘behind.’ I know I’m not, but it just gets to me. Second,I don’t like starting a METCON on a running clock.

I mean I’m mostly smart enough to know that if I start when the clock on the wall says 5 minutes rather than 0, all I should do is subtract 5 to understand my true time. But in the middle of a METCON with everything else going on, counting reps, trying not to panic, etc. I don’t want that confusion/distraction. I want to look at the clock and know where I am. So I made sure I was set to go in the first group.

I grabbed the rower closest to the rig and set my empty barbell  at the pull up station closest to that rower. I wanted to waste as little time as possible.

I last did this benchmark WOD in July of 2013. I posted a 10:15 rx. My goal today was to come in under 10 minutes. I was SO close!

It came down to the last two reps. I came off the bar at 9:50 with two reps to go. I jumped back up and got one quick one. I intended to do the second immediately after, but my hands were slick and they were slipping. I knew I would be unable to stay on the bar and if I pushed it I was not going to get my last rep and I was likely going to land on my head!

I let go of the bar, dropped to the floor, wiped my hands on my shorts (no time to find the chalk bucket) saw the clock read 9:58 and yelled as I jumped up to make the last rep. I dropped to the floor and the clock said 10:02!

It’s a PR. It’s a good PR, so I can’t be upset. I am pleased that I improved. I’m proud of the accomplishment. Still, I’m not quite completely satisfied. Ya know? But that’s all right.