5 days to the Superfit Competition. I pushed hard through the workouts over the last two days. Now it’s time to be smart, not hurt myself and stay loose.

Sunday, Sept 13

Before we got to the METCON, I worked split jerks, working up to 4 singles at 90% (190#).

Turned out to be one of those quirky sessions where as the weight got heavier, the form got better and the lifts felt easier.

Not sure if it’s because my muscles warmed up as the session wore on, or if I was concentrating harder as the weights increased. Likely it was a combination of the two, but for whatever reason, I was really pleased with the singles.

However, given the day’s METCON, choosing heavy shoulder to overheads might not have been my best decision.
3000 m row [One partner rows]
second AMRAP of:
4 reps of hang power clean at 115 lb
6 reps of front squat
8 reps of shoulder-to-overhead
[switch when the barbell is dropped. partner who was rowing picks up where the other left off]

I worked with my wife Erin and she carried me through! This was a tough, tough METCON. I started at 115# and really didn’t think it would be too difficult. But I was all over the place when I was lifting.

After my first turn on the barbell, I asked coach Laurie to get 25# plates for me so I could reset the bar at 95#. Even then when I was on the bar, I was only able to ever complete the round that Erin started, and then complete one full round before setting the bar down. I didn’t anticipate that.

I tried my best to make up for it on the rowing.

I think in the end, we completed 9 rounds and 18 reps total and finished in a bit over 14 minutes.

Monday, 9/15
25 minute AMRAP of:
25 reps of push-up
25 reps of pull-up
25 reps of wall ball
25 reps of toes-to-bar
25 reps of box jump
25 reps of kettlebell swing
25 reps of burpee
200 m run

I attended the 6am session at Bull City Cross Fit today to take part in their own Hero WOD, Brennan.This workout was designed to pay tribute to the brother of one of the gym members, who served in the Army. It was a heck of a workout.

There’s an awful lot of reps in that METCON. I honestly wasn’t sure how far I could go. Pull ups and Toes to bars were going to be the limiting elements, but I wanted to make a solid run at doing it Rx. My goal was to complete 2 rounds as prescribed.

First round was done in about 13 minutes. Second round, things bogged down signifcantly.

I could feel my hands getting soft. The callouses were getting hot during the second round of pull ups. I was extremely careful to protect them.

When it came time for the second set of toes to bars, I decided I would do those from the floor. I didn’t want to risk ripping my hands open days ahead of our competition.

When time expired I had completed 1 full round +118 reps.

I think for the rest of the week, my plan is to rest Tuesday and work mobility. Do a light work out Wednesday and possibly Thursday (although that will be a game time decision). Friday rest and mobility. The only work I can envision doing on Friday is if when the WODs are released Thursday there are any movements/exercises I’ve never attempted before, then Einar and I may meet just to experiment with those.

I’m looking forward to this competition like a child looks forward to the holidays or a birthday. It’s going to be a long week of anticipation. I can tell.