I’ve got a few hundred thoughts still streaming through my head about the Team Superfit competition on Saturday. It’s going to take a couple of posts to convey them all. Eventually, I may get around to posting about the WODS themselves, but for now, if you want the official results, you can find them here.

Team Superfit Raleigh Scores.


Sitting here a day removed from it all, I’m not concerned with the results.  I feel compelled to convey the immense feeling of gratitude I have around the whole event.

Einar – thanks for being willing to partner with me for this insanity! Did you have any idea what you were getting into when you agreed to it? Your guidance and training over the last eight weeks have been very valuable. You have guided me physically and mentally and I’m a better athlete for it. You certainly achieved your goal of showing me that I’m capable of more than I thought. Thank you, my friend. It was a privilege to train and compete with you. I hope we have a chance to do it again.

Rona, thank you for letting us train and compete together and thank you for coming out to support us. It was greatly appreciated.

Erin, kids – thanks so much for letting Daddy go out and play with his friends at the gym! Thank you for hustling out to Raleigh for the day after morning soccer to cheer the Grateful Dads on! Whirlwind, Lil Bit, I hope you learn from these things that you can be anything you choose to be. It’s my hope that you choose to be strong, no matter how you define that for yourselves. Go out and find your passion and then never stop chasing it.

Thanks to everyone that dropped us a text or FB comment or message. Knowing there were folks out there not necessarily in the house, but taking a moment to offer a bit of encouragement was very cool.

Jerry, Nat – thank you guys for showing up out of the blue! That really struck a chord and I really appreciate you both taking time out of your Saturday and making the effort to come out.

Coach Jack, — thanks for keeping an eye on and lending guidance to our team even though we weren’t flying the Bull City Crossfit banner. You gave me one of the lasting impressions from the day that will stick with me for quite some time. WOD 3 – twenty seconds to go, wanting to die, but realizing that there wasn’t time to pass the bar off again as I was finishing the last 5 reps of the 20 front squats with 10 shoulder to overheads in front of us. I looked out at the crowd and I saw you circling your arm over head hollering, “Just, go! Just go!”

Seeing my first crossfit coach green lighting me to go ahead and just keep chugging (when I wasn’t sure I had the steam) was exactly what I needed to make the decision to not pass the bar and make a run at completing that round.

As I said on Facebook the other day. The Grateful Dads didn’t exactly light up the leaderboard, but damn this Dad had fun and I’m proud of how we competed. Einar, I hope you did too! I am deeply grateful to everyone who played a part in the memories of the day.