Tuesday, Sept 23
EMOM 6 minutes:
3-5 HSPU
Did 4 per rounds scaled with my feet up on a 30″ box.

Not bad.

I have to work out how to not let my head rest completely on the floor. Once I do, I’m done.

It’s the inverse of getting pinned down in the hole in a squat. If my head rests completely on the floor at the bottom of a HSPU, my arms relax and then I’m stuck.

Do 2 sets of 4 at 75% and one set max rep set at 75%.

I missed 1RM Thrusters last week, so I don’t have a documented one rep max. I talked with Coach Rachel about that. She suggested that I target something in the vicinity of my push press.

My push press is 217. So I just guessed at a top level of 200# and based percentages off that. I was overly optimistic.

75% of 200 would be 150. I maxxed out and did the working sets at 135#. Still pretty creaky from the Team Superfit competition, I guess. I’m not too concerned.


3 rounds of:

400 m run
3 rounds of:
5 reps of pull-up
10 reps of push-up
15 reps of air squat
time cap for 20 min

So somehow in reviewing this online last night, I missed that we were doing the entire thing three times.

I thought we were doing a single 400M run, then three rounds of calisthenics. It didn’t seem like 20 minutes of work, so I was kind of anticipating some sort of nasty surprised cash out. When I realized this morning that we were running a total of 1200M and 9 rounds of exercises, THEN I understood the challenge. I honestly wondered if I’d be able to get it done.

When it was all said and done, I finished in 17:32. Very pleased with that.

I had hoped to go unbroken on all exercises. Didn’t quite accomplish that.

I never dropped off the bar for pull ups, but couldn’t go unbroken.

Push ups got really tough in the final set. Broke those up into two and sometimes three subsets.

Air Squats did go unbroken.

All in all it was quite a way to get back into the swing of things.

So, some additional not terribly organized thoughts, regarding the SuperFit Competition last Saturday.

-) Very well run event – everything happened reasonably close to when they were scheduled to occur. Would have been nice if they had one more port-o-john on the site. Lines were never too long, but when you’re five year-old says, “Daddy, I gotta go NOW,” you get tense.

-) We ran into some ridiculously fit teams even in the novice division! Einar and I gave those WODS everything we could and still finished tied for 15th out of 16 teams! There’s nothing we could have done differently that would have made a significant impact on our scores/placing, so I’ve got no regrets and no beef. I do wonder how many, if any, of the other teams were Masters? If so, I’d be curious to know how our scores stacked up compared to that subset.

Just for posterity’s sake here are the WODs and our scores.

For all WODs the working conditions were the same

-) One Partner works at a time

-) You could swap in and out at any time

-) Barbells had to be returned to the floor between transitions. No bar passing.



5 snatch 115# (any type as long as each rep starts from the ground)

10 front rack lunges 115#

20 DU’s

The Grateful Dads completed 222 reps.


5 minute Cap

30 ring push ups

60 Deadlifts (185#)

30 ring push ups

We completed this WOD in 2:37!


I was shocked we completed it that fast.

I’m very proud of that score.

I’m even more amazed at how fast everyone else completed this WOD!



30 hang power cleans (95#)

20 front squats (95#)

10 shoulder to overhead (95#) (press or jerk as you choose)

We completed 179 reps. Just short of 3 complete rounds!

-) Eight weeks of Double Under Training paid off! I was able to complete 20 DU’s in a run of 5 and 15 one round, then 7 and 13 another round! In a competitive setting with my history, I consider that a personal victory. One of those interrupted sets was not because I tripped up. It was because my rope hooked something behind me one round! When I glanced back as I stepped forward to avoid the same issue, I saw the judge in the next lane also scooting forward and rubbing his backside. Does that mean I’m allowed to say I whipped a judge’s ass?!

-) All of our planning and strategizing for the WODs went out the window once the WODs were under way. It really was comical.

We got our families together the night before the competition so Einar and I could game plan. We carpooled to the event together confirming our strategy. We watched previous heats and reaffirmed our plan. Then we got on the platform and for a host of reasons, the plans went out the window!

But we adjusted and adapted on the fly and made the most of it. It just struck me as funny how all of our planning just blew up on the floor. Ah well.

-) Personally, the one thing I accomplished through this event was proving to myself  that I can carry my own weight in a team competition. I have been very nervous, ever since agreeing to do this with Einar, that I was going to be the weak link on this  team. That Einar would end up doing an unreasonable amount of the work and have to carry me. I didn’t  want to be holding him back. Looking back now at how the WODs played out, I’m comforable saying that I pulled my fair share of the load. I count that as a personal success.