I got up. I went. I saw it through. I’m going to count that as good enough. I felt very flat today. Not sure if it’s the gray weather, if I’m fighting off a bug as the seasons change. Maybe it’s the result of a weekend of eating and drinking with total abandon; whatever the cause, I was definitely just sort of blargh this morning.

EMOM for 4 minutes:
Two 1st position Snatch Pull
One 1st position Snatch

Then, EMOM 4 minutes:
Two 2nd position Snatch pull
One 2nd position Snatch
Use 60% 1RM

Well, these were deceptive! Contrary to what I said above, I actually started to feel pretty good running through these drills at 75#. After the time expired I was thinking, “today might be the day that old snatch PR finally changes.”

I was catching the bar well in a deep squat, not power squatting then finishing the squats as I frequently do.

snatch 1RM
The goal was to work singles from 60%-95%, then make 3 attempts at a 1RM.

My last successful lift was 140#, roughly 85% of 165.

After 140 it went sideways. It’s all in my head. I had no trouble diving under all the previous weights. 140 wasn’t even really all that tough. All of a sudden, once it’s 150-something I’m afraid of it. I don’t understand why.

I even cleaned and racked the bar then put myself through an overhead squat with the 150#, pausing at the bottom of the squat just to prove to myself that I can hold and squat that weight. It’s not that difficult.

For whatever reason, committing to diving under that 150# bar is beyond me right now. Oh well.

EMOM burpee box jump, power clean
Every minute on the minute (for 7 min):
24 in burpee box jump
5 reps of power clean at 185/135 lb

I did this with the same 150# bar from the snatches. That’s about 80-ish% of my 1RM, so it seemed appropriate.

Getting this WOD started proved to be a great challenge. There was much confusion about how it was supposed to go. There was deliberation and debate among the coaches on the rep scheme and ultimately a last second adjustment.

The WOD was posted as having to do 7 cleans at the top of each minute. However, Coaches Rachel, Doug and Stephen all conferred and agreed that seven heavy cleans was too much. It would have turned into non-stop cleans for seven minutes. So they cut the rep scheme to 5 per round. From my experience, that was a great call.

The formatting for this one confused the group too. It was kind of amusing. Most WODS like this, we would start with the barbell work at the top of every minute, then burpee box jumps for the balance of the minute.

Today we were required to lead in with burpee box jumps the entire first minute, THEN do the cleans at the END of the first minute/top of the second minute. From then on it was business as usual making sure you did the last 5 cleans when the clock turned to 7 minutes.

This was tough for the group to comprehend at 7 am on a Monday, but eventually we caught on.

I pulled off 13 burpee box jumps in the first minute. Every round after, I only had time for 2 or 3 burpee box jumps per round. When time expired I had completed 21 burpee box jumps. I think that’s how we were supposed to keep score. If I count the 35 cleans, then my score was a 56. I’ll take it.

Twenty-four inch box jumps felt incredibly high today. Honestly, I’m just glad I through without getting “bitten”.

Today’s agenda: eat right, rest up, get at it again tomorrow.