Good day today, but I think I’m ready for a modest program shift.

Skill: EMOM 8 minutes:
2 1st position Hang Power Clean
2 Split Jerk
1 Split Press
Use 40% 1RM

Done at 75# Roughly 50% of my strict press. Mostly, it was a convenient combination to set up.

These routines are always a bit tricky at 6:15 in the morning. It can be tough to focus enough to remember to do that final press after the second jerk. I think I got them all. But once or twice I started to shuffle my feet back together then went, “Oh crap! Press it out, first!”

Strength: power clean (based on 200# 1RM)
3 singles at 70 % 140#
3 singles at 75% 150#
3 singles at 85% 170#
3 singles at 90% 180#

I like power cleans. I’m reasonably sure that I could power clean more than I can full squat clean. I realize that’s a reflection of my lack of refinement in my technique, but it’s true.

I got a little concerned during one round. It was either at 150 or 170 where I simply lost my grip on the bar one rep and lost it. I’ve had challenges with that before where I’ve gotten a case of the yips and just lost the ability to turn the bar over in my hands without dropping it. I was worried it would become a challenge, but apparently it was just that one lift.


X rounds of:
5 reps of power clean at 135/95 lb
10 reps of push-up (hand release)
15 reps of 24/20 in box jump
time cap for 12 min

So this METCON was originally posted and announced as 3 rounds. 12 minutes seemed like a lot of time to make that happen, but that was the plan until about 3 minutes in. At that point it was announced that the METCON was now 4 rounds!

It didn’t really phase me. I just kind of kept on rolling. Actually noticing the general lack of reaction in the room made me smile. This 6:15 crew, for the most part just rolled with it. I love that about them. I finished all 4 rounds in 7:02 and kicked around the idea of working until the 12 minute mark and making the WOD an AMRAP. Really not sure why I didn’t.

I’m realizing that I have barbell burnout again. Eh, “burnout” may be overstating it. Let’s call it barbell boredom. I get this way about every 6 months or so. I’m just tired of cleans and snatches and deaflifts etc. There’s SO much out there in functional fitness land that I want to explore some of them again.

Understand, I’m not critiquing the CFD programming! It’s incredibly effective. I just that even by Crossfit standards, I have a short attention span. I just have to embrace it and learn how to leverage it.

I would love to see Crossfit Durham program a week of training with absolutely no barbells! I’m sure most folks would consider this blasphemy. I’m sure attendance would be miserable. Their Facebook page would probably explode with “What the hell are you doing,” commentary.  I mentioned it to my wife this morning and her reaction was immediate, “NO! The main reason to go is just be able to lift heavy shit!” I’m pretty sure that she’s part of the overwhelming majority on this one. That’s ok.

I still think it would be fun. We could still use dumb bells, kettle bells, plates for resistance. I just want to schuck off all of the lifts for one week.

I think I’m going to program my own WODs for one week. I’m going to substitute in my own skills, strength, and METCONs and see what happens.

So to that end, I’ll inquire of you, the readers. What are some of your favorite barbell free METCONS (yes, I am aware that CFD has the travel WODs online and I’ll revisit those)? What are some your favorite exercises/skills that don’t involve a barbell? Sandbags, Turkish Get Ups, Sled pulls, battle ropes, bear crawls, skin the cats, WHATEVER! Please throw some ideas my way.