Funny thing about fitness, it’s so incredibly fluid. I’m realizing today that I have to modify what I can expect out of myself.
Friday, October 3

SKill: Pistols
Done to 12″ box w/15# plate

4 rounds of 5 each leg. Felt just ok

Strength: Back Squat

Work up to 4 singles at 90% – 270

I got frisky here. Did one rep at 270 as prescribed. Did a single at 290. Took a shot at a PR of 310 and failed. Went back and did one more rep at 290.

Pretty sure the 310 is in there. I got forward on the balls of my feet the instant I started pushing up and lost it immediately. Pretty certain that if I can keep everything lined up, I can get it.

10 Min AMRAP
200M Run
20 Air Squats
10 Push Jerks at 145#

Completed 3 rounds and 195M of a fourth run – Rx.

Just didn’t quite push it hard enough to finish that last run! Bummer.
Sunday, October 5

Strength: Deadlift work up to 2 sets of 4 reps at 75% – 290#

Felt Good, form felt like it was pretty dialed in.
25 Minute Cap

Run 800M

5 rounds
12 pull ups
9 Power snatches (95#)
6 HSPU (scaled to 30″ box)

Run 800M

THEN 20 Burpees!

Ripped my left hand open in the third round, so scaled Pull ups to Ring Rows.

Ran the 800M route in reverse for the last run. That might have been a mistake. Usually when we run that route, it’s all right hand turns. I ran it counterclockwise, making all lefts. My logic was, by running backwards, I was finishing the run coming into the gym on a down hill.

What I failed to recognize was that when run counterclockwise, the 800M route is predominantly uphill! It’s not always severe, but it’s definitely an incline for the majority of the route. After all the prior work, I was definitely feeling it. I might have cost myself some time there. Lesson learned.

I returned to the gym at 24:57. I didn’t even attempt any burpees. Close enough.
Monday, October 6
Skill: Ring Dips

6 sets of 3

Strength: Split Jerk
Work Up to 3 attempts at a 1RM

Hit 205# – 90% of 1RM (230)

Failed 225 twice

More on that below

Alternate Push ups/Air Squats

180 total reps

10 Push Ups per round – 80 Push ups
2 Rds 14/ 6 rounds 12 squats – 100

Very satisfied.

I’m counting the 80 push ups towards the 21 day/1000 push up challenge which I’ve joined with a friend from Bull City Crossfit. If you’re interested, you can check it out here. (

Should be a fun challenge to build a bit of extra muscle. I almost didn’t do it because I thought it would be distraction from other goals. But then I got to thinking about it.

First off, it’s a bodyweight challenge. I’ve been whining about too much barbell work and saying improving bodyweight stuff is hwere I wanted to focus. This falls right in that wheel house. Plus, I’m hoping the extra work will help build a bit of additional strength working toward that bar muscle up goal.

Resetting My Expectations

I realized today driving home from the gym that I have to change my expectations about Monday 1RM days.

My current workout schedule is work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Rest Wednesday, Work Thursday and Friday. Rest Saturday.

Sunday workouts are typically very long METCONs and the strength session is pretty much ‘pick your poison,’ with the understanding that you should pick a strength segment from the week that just passed.

I really enjoy the Sunday WOD because in addition to being long workouts, they also tend to be partner WODs and they frequently include some of the more creative Crossfit movements that don’t show up during the regular week. Additionally, Sunday is the one day each week that Erin and I can work out together and I’m really liking that. But working out on Sunday’s is definitely impacting my Monday sessions. Today was a perfect example.

I drove away from the gym disappointed that I didn’t set a new 1RM for split jerks. Then I got to thinking about it. I did 60 reps of pull ups/ring rows, 45 power snatches and 30 scaled HSPU’s yesterday. It wasn’t realistic to expect a PR today for an overhead shoulder dependent lift. Understanding that Sundays are typically long WODs, it’s probably not realistic to expect big PR’s on most Mondays.

With that in mind, I just need to rethink how I’m approaching one rep maxes. I think I’m going to have to make Sunday WODs my 1RM attempt days. It just seems like the best potential for success. I’ll be coming into the gym after a day of rest. I have flexibility to choose my own lift. Seems like the best combination of circumstances.

Just have to remember to cut myself a bit of slack on Mondays and not get caught up in the excitement of one rep max attempts that day.