Some days the satisfaction comes in just getting the workout behind you.

Skill: 10 Minutes of Double Under Practice

We warmed up with some single unders, then single unders on one foot. I’m sure there’s true value in the practice of jumping rope on one foot then the other. But I still contend that it’s primary role is for the entertainment of the coach. 😉

Double unders themselves went pretty well. Never had a run less than 10. Had a couple that were in the 20-25 range.

Strength: snatch

4 singles at 60% – 95#
4 singles at 70% – 115#
4 singles at 80% – 135#

Felt pretty reliable today, but I think I’m glad we weren’t working any higher. Today is my third workout in a row and I could feel it today. Shoulders in particular felt very tight. I need to focus on more mobility at home on those for the next few days.

20 Min Cap
5 Rds for Time
4 Clusters – 135#
8 pull ups
12 burpee over box jumps 24″

I scaled the thrusters to 115# and substituted ring rows for pull ups to let my chewed up left hand recover. Rows were done with feet elevated on a 17″ box so that at the bottom of the row I was parallel to the ground.

The only goal today was to complete this METCON. Period. There was no concerning myself with unbroken or setting spontaneous goals based on time. No trying to get negative splits on later rounds. Just kept telling myself, “just get through it.”

The gym was crowded today. With a full house and a barbell and box for everyone space was at a premium. It was one of those days where you had to be constantly aware of your surroundings for the entire 20 minutes. That adds a unique sensation to the WOD.

It was so crowded, you had to coordinate with your neighbor and say, “OK. Are you going left to right or front to back for your box jumps? So I can go the same direction.” Without that level of coordination people would have been kicking each other all over the place. In fact, my neighbor and I ended up doing burpees perpendicular to the box, then squaring up and jumping because of the space. Not the way I would normally approach those. I prefer to do them box facing, but no big deal. I like my ankles in tact and doing box facing burpees would have put my legs questionably close to the athlete behind me dropping a 135# barbell. Better safe than in traction.

You really had to stop and look before leaving your barbell to head to the pull up rig too. Sort of had to map out a course to the rig to ensure you didn’t interfere with anyone else’s work, or worse, catch a barbell on the head as some one dropped it from the top of a cluster!

Have to credit Coach Rachel for managing that safely and the crew itself for cooperating through out. It could have been a total cluster, but in the end, I thought it went smoothly.

There were also a few times I needed to move my barbell before continuing over the box jumps because I was concerned about hitting my face on the end of the bar during the burpee. But you couldn’t move it too far or you were then crowding someone else.

I completed all five rounds in 16:42. I’m satisfied with that. I made it through completing all reps safely and to standard. Some days that’s enough.

21 Day/1000 push up Challenge

I’ve got 40 in the bank today. Want to get 40 more before day’s end to put me at 160 at the end of Day 2. This is going to be tougher than I anticipated. I’m going to have to reconsider how I budget these out.