Skill: Pull ups
EMOM for 6 minutes:
3-5 strict pullups.

I got 3, ok some times 2, good pull ups each round.

Not too much else to say about that except that in the last two rounds I discovered that if I point my toes upward I find it much easier to maintain a good rigid hollow body position. Have to try and remember that for future sessions.

Strength: Thrusters
5 reps of thruster at 55 % 85#
3 reps of thruster at 65 % 100#
3 reps of thruster at 75 % 115#
3 sets of 2 reps of thruster at 85 % 130#

Couple things to note here.
1) Percentages are all based on a presumed 1RM of 155#. Based on today’s performance, that’s probably underestimating things. Coach Ami kept saying that all reps looked light. And while didn’t particularly feel light they were all going up fast enough that the plates were rattling at the top of each rep. My hips felt very sticky today. I had a tough time initiating each lift, but once I was moving upward I seemed to build momentum on my way to the top.

2) Math sucks! I overloaded the bar for the round at 85%. I was supposed to use 115#. I loaded up 125#.

It took me a full two minutes to figure out that I’d lifted too much. I stood there looking at the 35#, 5# and 2.5# plate on each side believing it was 115#. The thing that kept confusing me was I needed to add 15# to get to 130#. There was no combination of plates that I could figure out that would add up. If I stripped everything and just added 45# plates that would have been 135#. If I left the current configuration on the bar and added 15#, that meant adding another 5 AND 2.5 plate to each end of the bar giving me a pair of both. That NEVER happens.

In my mind, the 45# bar, plus the 2 35# plates added up to 105#! No matter how many times I tried to add it up, I kept getting 105#.

Gah! When I finally figured out the error of my ways, and realized that I only needed 5 more pounds to get to my goal of 130, I laughed out loud.

The final sets at 130 were a treat.

21-15-9 reps of:
kettlebell swing (russian) at 70/52 lb
*racked kettlebell lunge* at 70/52 lb
push press at 95/65 lb
time cap for 12 min

I had every intention of doing this WOD scaled at 62. I took a 70 and a 62 to my work area so I could downgrade if necessary.

To my surprise, I got through using the 70# kettlebell. I did the first round of KB swings unbroken. Everything else was spontaneously broken into subsets of varying sizes.

Finished in 8:28 – Rx. Given what I expected out of myself at the outset, I’m pretty satisfied with that.

21 Day/1000 Push Up Challenge

40 so far today/200 total – right on pace, but I’d like to be a bit further ahead. Shoulders feel fried from today’s push presses though.