Never thought I’d say those words!

EMOM for 8 minutes:
2 Clean DL
2 Clean Pull
Use 50% of 1RM 95#

These felt strange today. Not really sure why. Just unfamiliar, which is very weird.

Strength: Power Clean
3 at 75% 155#
3 at 85% 165#
3 at 95% 175#

Cleans were not great today. I’m doing this thing where I yank the bar up high, get under it, rest it on my hands and wrists, then ease my chest up to it and THEN push my elbows up through to a good rack position.

It’s all a very slow and deliberate process though. The bar is resting on my hands and wrists for way to long before I push through. Have to get faster.
In any order you choose.

800 m run
100 reps of double under
500 m row
time cap for 9 min

This was an AWESOME METCON! I did the exercises in the order that I thought they would present the biggest challenge.



I knew I wanted double unders out of the way first. I felt like I had to do them while I was fresh. If I did either of the other components first, my heart rate would have been up and that would have made me erratic. Plus, if DU’s did not go well, I wanted to know exactly how deep a hole I was in and how hard I would have to work to climb out.

But they FLEW today. I did 100 DU’s in runs of 38-26-24-12! The first run was fantastic! I tripped up because I let my mind wander thinking, “Damn, maybe this is the day I finally hit that goal of 50 unbroken!” Thwap! “Damnit!”

I was out the door well under 2 minutes. In fact I checked the clock as I passed the run start pole. It was 1:47. I said, “OK. Be back in under 4 minutes.” That’s not a great run for me, but it’s strong for that distance.

I came in the door at 5:45!

Found a rower, sat down, got to work and finished the METCON at 7:45! Very satisfied with that!

It was a fantastic start to the day and I’ve been riding that wave since I left.