File this post in the “Be Careful What You Wish For” column.

Sunday, October 12

Strength: Deadlift

1RM Attempt

worked up to 365# pretty quick, 20# shy of PR.

Was feeling froggy and jumped staight to 395# for an attempt at a 10# PR.

You might have been able to slip a sheet of paper under the plates while I was pulling, but I’m not so sure. šŸ˜‰

It was a big jump, but I didn’t want to waste the energy at 380 or some such. I figured it was either in the tank or it wasn’t, no sense in dawdling.



Box Jumps (24″ box) alternating reps with partner

Wall Balls – done individually

In between exercises Partner A pushes 235# sled across gym and drags it back while Partner B does burpees. Switch Places, repeat sled push/pull, move on to next round.

This was the brain child of my buddy John over at Bull City Cross Fit. He had invited me to come out and play over there. It was a lot of fun!

We finished in 10-ish minutes and I was sore from head to toe from this one. That’s the first time I’ve pushed/pulled a sled during a WOD. Great fun and tough work. Loved it.
Monday, October 13


Take 15 minutes to practice your Double Unders.
Coach Ami put us through some single unders both feet, then left foot only, right foot only, then tabata double unders. I used my short rope today and the longest run I put together was 5 reps at a time. That’s not bad with the short rope, so I’ll take it.
thruster 4-4-max
I worked up to 135# as prescribed. Last round was 5 reps I believe.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
slams at 40/30 lb
time cap for 7 min

This was cool! Ball slams and push ups? Yes, please.

I got to work out at 11:30 instead of 6:15 am this day because my company was closed for Columbus Day. It was a Ā nice change for a couple of reasons. First, I got to work out with Erin. Second, it was kind of fun to able to leaderboard a bit for a change and try to gauge where I ought to come in. Er, I mean, set my goals for the day.

Most days because I work out in the first session of the day, I’m one of those folks just trying to go as fast and far as possible to set the bar high for everyone else.

It didn’t really help. I missed my goal. I looked at a few times posted on the board and made up my mind that my goal was to complete the METCON in 5 minutes or less. I finished in 5:24.

I also did an additional 45 push ups at the end of the day with my son to get flush at 400 push ups for the 21 day/1000 push up challenge. That would haunt me on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 14

Skill: Muscle Ups
Take 15 minutes to practice Muscle Ups, progressions

I worked 2 resps of transitions with rings at head height and feet elevated on a 30″ box, EMOM 8. I was very conscious to ensure that just my toes were supported by the box putting as much weight as possible on my arms and shoulders. This is the third day straight of pretty shoulder intensive work. My shoulders were feeling kinda fried by the end of this.

deadlift 4-4-max 75%
Time and, I won’t lie, energy were tough to come by this morning. So I worked up to and completed the 2 sets of 4 at 75% – 270#. I bypassed the third round of max reps.

16 minute AMRAP of:
3 reps of muscle-up
10 reps of wall ball at 20/14 lb
200 m run
10 reps of 24/20 in box jump

The additional direction on this WOD was, “if you don’t have muscle ups substitute pull ups and ring dips (10 reps) alternating each round. So round 1, pull ups, next time through ring dips, etc.

Ring dips were done with a red band for assistance. Ultimately, I missed completing 5 rounds by 2 box jumps.

Of course I could have saved a few seconds here and there, but I’m satisified with the effort and the result.

A few days back I said I was looking forward to programming my own barbell free week of work outs soon. Whether by design or by accident, I’ve now had three straight days of barbell free METCONs and I can say with total confidence I feel as punished and challenged as any week of ‘standard’ programming!

I’m really enjoying the METCONs, but I confess that I’m surprised. I didn’t anticipate feeling as batteredĀ as I do right now without employing any barbells. I’ll be curious to see what the rest of the programming holds for the week. After a rest day tomorrow, of course.