Some things were pleasantly surprising today. Some things were exactly as tough as I thought they would be.

Skill: Double Unders

Coach Ami put us through 1 minute single unders, 30 sec right foot only, 30 sec left foot only, Tabata double unders.

I cheated in that I used my long rope today. Things went pretty smoothly. Nothing too exciting.

Strength: bench press
5 reps of bench press at 45 % 115
5 reps of bench press at 55 % 135
3 reps of bench press at 65 % 160
4 reps of bench press at 75 % 185
4 reps of bench press at 75 % 185
max reps of bench press at 75 % 185

Actually surprised myself here. I shared a bench and bar with Craig and all through the preliminary sets we kept half-joking that the last set of ‘max reps’ would only be four reps. But a funny thing happened on the way to the last set, bench presses started to feel really good.

So I went for a legitimate max rep set and put up 9 reps!

Craig of course then had to go just a bit farther and knocked out an impressive 11 reps! Next time I’m making him go first. 😉 Well done, buddy.

400 m run
100 reps of kettlebell swing (american) at 52/35 lb
400 m run
100 reps of air squat
400 m run
time cap for 14 min

Some days you can look at a WOD and you know EXACTLY where the suck is gonna get you.

Looking at this one I knew that last 400M run was going to be rough! More than once as the morning progressed I announced to just about anyone that after 100 air squats it would be during that last 400M run “where the magic was gonna happen.”

I didn’t quite do this Rx. I elected to do Russian swings to eye level as opposed to American/overhead.

The first 400M run was pretty smooth. Completed it somewhere around 1:50.

At the start, I planned on breaking KB swings into sets of 40-35-25. I figured using the descending sets would improve my attitude as things got late in the round. But I got to 40 reps and felt good so I said, “do 10 more, then break,” and that’s what I did.

Three quick breaths and then right back at it. I still planned to do 30 or so reps, but when I got there I felt good so I said, “do 10 more.” I got those done and thought, “well you can’t stop now. Bang them out.” So I did. Two sets of 50 and 50. That was a nice surprise.

The second 400 was right around 2 minutes to complete.

Air squats went ok. I did stick to my plan of 40-35-25 for these because I didn’t want to completely smoke my legs for the final run.

I’ve done METCONs before with lots and lots of squats and running immediately afterwards is always an adventure. It’s a lot like stepping off a boat onto dry land. The legs just seem to have minds of their own for a while.

I finished the squats and as I turned to exit, I stumbled and took a few really awkward steps to the door. It was as if my legs were saying, “No. We’re still squatting here. We’re not done yet.”

It took a good 25-30 meters of running before my stride finally felt right. I have no idea how long the last run took. I do know that as I was going out the door I heard Coach Ami announce that there was less than 4 minutes left. The way my legs felt at that moment, I wasn’t sure I was going to get back in time.

In the end, I was back at the door by 12:48. Very satisfied with that.

Other fitness Notes:

I’m withdrawing from the 21 Day/1000 push up challenge. As I told my friend John, who initially invited me to take part, doing 5 WODs a week, plus trying to do a minimum of 50 additional push ups a day is proving to be too much wear and tear on my shoulders, particularly my right. It’s constantly enflamed right now. I’m giving up on the challenge before I injure it.

Bull City Race Fest – Sunday, the whole family will be taking part in the Bull City Race Fest. Erin, Lil Bit and Oma are doing the 1-mile course. Whirlwind and I are doing the 5 mile run. I’m pretty excited for this. I’ve only done one other strict run (by that I mean not an obstacle course) and that was years ago. I’m very curious to see how this goes. I’m looking forward to sharing the morning with the entire family. My only regret is that the 1 mile and 5 mile events kick off nearly simultaneously. This means I won’t be around to celebrate Mom’s run which marks 6 months from her open heart and brain surgeries. So very proud of her. But we’re certainly going to celebrate once we all get reconnected at the finish line!