But it’s not what you’re thinking

Skill: Muscle Ups
Take 15 minutes to practice Muscle Ups or progressions or dips and pullups.

For those of us that don’t have muscle ups yet, Coach Stephen elected to put us through two back to back 5 min EMOMs of ring dips and pull ups.

For ring dips I got 3 per round. Not great. Given it’s the fifth work out of the week, I’ll take it.

For pull ups, started with 3 per round. Was doing 2 chin over bar and 1 chin at bar for the last two rounds.

Strength: Push Press
5 reps of push press at 45 % 100#
5 reps of push press at 55 % 120#
3 reps of push press at 65 % 145#
4 reps of push press at 75 % 165
4 reps of push press at 75 %
max reps of push press at 75 %

So I shared a rack and barbell with Craig again today. The discussion got around to the last set and how many reps we thought we’d each do.

I told him four today. He responded with, “yeah, but that’s what you said yesterday and then you went and did nine bench presses.”

I answered with, “Yeah, and you did eleven! So no matter what, you’re going first today!”

It ended up being irrelevant. On my third rep I lost focus. Coming out of the dip drive one foot decided it was doing a split jerk not a push press. So it started to drop back behind me. While my braiin was arguing with my feet no one was telling my arms to just keep pushing. The bar only got over my eyebrows, then it started to twist and I just bailed. Oh well.

4 reps of snatch at 135/95 lb
500 m row
3 reps of snatch
250 m row
2 reps of snatch
time cap for 8 min

The additional scaling direction here was use 70% of 1RM, if 135 is too much.

I experimented at 135 and decided I’d take the scale and set the bar at 120# (72.72% of my 1RM, if anyone is concerned).

Given the number of folks at the box, it was necessary to run two heats. I chose to take part in the second heat. I don’t normally do that. I don’t usually like getting a preview of the suffering ahead.

But in this case it was productive. The instructions were clear that these were to be full squat snatches. Coach Stephen also made a point of instructing everyone that if you caught the squat in a power snatch you were still expected to drop down into a full squat and then stand up the rep.

I noticed several folks who were catching their bars in a power snatch, standing it up all the way then doing an overhead squat. I’m not questioning their decisions, but in my estimation, that’s extra reps and more work. I was determined to catch every rep as low as possible. The lower weight allowed me to accomplish that.

In fact, I received several compliments on my snatch form this morning. Thanks, all. I appreciate that.

This was a very quick WOD. Over in 4:38. It was pretty cool, too. Although I confess my legs are still feeling the effects of yesterday’s WOD.

In fact, Craig and I were joking about that at the start of the session during warm ups.

The conversation went like this
Me: “If Crossfit is supposed to make me harder to kill, then why do I feel so weak today?”

Craig: “Think about it. When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be ready.”

Me: “When it comes, it better come on a rest day.”
Bull City Race Fest – My boy has lofty goals for the 5 mile race this Sunday.

He announced at dinner last night that he expects us to complete the run in around 40 minutes averaging 8 minute miles.

When he made this declaration I reacted with an incredulous, “Really?”

His response was, “Sure. That’s like 7.52 miles per hour. It’s no big deal.”

I told him we’ll see. Personally, if we pull it off, I would be tickled.

In my estimation he’s failing to account for two things. First, he’s not figuring on his old man. He has a pretty good bead on his own ability. But he doesn’t really know what I’m capable of, and I’m not certain I’m capable of sustaining that pace. Hopefully, I don’t drag him down. Second, I don’t think he’s accounting for terrain. There are going to be some significant hill climbs in this run and I don’t think he’s giving them adequate respect. But as in all things, we shall see. All I know is I’m very much looking forward to sharing the morning with him because I do have something to prove.

We’ve talked about it before and he remembers the days when I was too overweight and too tired to play with him. He remembers me saying, “I’m sorry, Kiddo. Daddy’s gotta stop. It hurts too much.”

Or worse, not even getting started. “No, Son. Daddy’s not gonna play right now. I’m just too tired.” It still stings some times to realize that occurred.It’s very humbling and kind of disturbing.

So with respect to Sunday, I don’t feel like I’ve got something to prove to him in terms of how well we perform. This is more fundamental. For me, this is about showing him that his Dad is healthy now and whenever circumstances allow, I want to be able to say to him (or his sister), “Sure, kiddo. Let’s do that.”