I’m not laying claim to actual wisdom, but I am coming to understand my habits and tendencies and learning to manage my expectations a bit better now.

Sunday I did the 5 mile run. I had every intention of maintaining my standard workout schedule. I was counting Sunday’s run as my Sunday WOD, then I would go to Monday’s 1RM Back Squat WOD.

I set out my gear/clothes Sunday night and was ready to go. Monday, I woke about 20 minutes ahead of the alarm. When I stood up from the bed, I realized any attempt at 1RM back squats was a bad idea. My legs and back were just too tight. I was either going to injure or frustrate myself in the attempts, so I surrendered my slot in the class, turned off the alarm and went back to bed.

Tuesday, October 21
EMOM for 6 minutes:
3-5 strict pullups

Believe I got 3 good reps every round here. Not much else to say

bench press 4-4-max 75%
5 reps of bench press at 45 %
5 reps of bench press at 55 %
3 reps of bench press at 65 %
4 reps of bench press at 75 %
4 reps of bench press at 75 %
max reps of bench press at 75 %

I maxed out at 65%/165# and skipped the max rep working set. This was a deliberate decision. The family was taking a personal holiday to the NC State Fair. I had to be careful about where I put all of the day’s energy, because I had a pretty good idea that my day was going to end like this.

Daddy's Girl

This is why I Crossfit

5 rounds of:
l sit hold for 30 sec
12 reps of pull-up
10 reps of thruster at 135 lb
time cap for 20 min

L-sits are a bit beyond me right now. So I scaled those to tuck sits positioned between two 30″ boxes. I was quite pleased that I was able to do all of these holds unbroken.

Pull ups were Rx. Again, thinking to the day ahead, I scaled the thrusters all the way back to 95#. Glad I did. It still took me 17 minutes and change to complete this WOD. Any heavier and I expect I would not have finished.

Thursday, October 23
1 minute of Single Unders
30 seconds of Singles – right
30 seconds of Singles – left
4 minutes of Tabata Double Unders (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

Used my short rope and as Coach Ami observed, I was “using a lot of extra arm” today. Not sure why, but today I was just sort of flapping along and I paid for it. Lots of lashes across the toes with a very heavy rope. Ouch.

Strength snatch grip deadlift 2-2-2 85%
5 reps of snatch grip deadlift at 55 %
3 reps of snatch grip deadlift at 65 %
3 reps of snatch grip deadlift at 75 %
2 reps of snatch grip deadlift at 85 %
2 reps of snatch grip deadlift at 85 %
2 reps of snatch grip deadlift at 85 %

All rounds were done Rx with a final weight of 265# for the 85% working sets. Greg probably saved my back today pointing out that I was rounding off my back as I was returning the bar to the floor. Once I straightened that out the rest of my morning here was pretty smooth.

7 (90 second) rounds of:
5 reps of muscle-up (substitute 8 ring dips, if you don’t have MU’s)
max rep – power clean and jerk at 185/120 lb

So the format was analagous to an EMOM, except the rounds were 90 seconds long rather than 60. Do either the MU’s or ring dips, then once complete do power clean and jerks for the balance of the 90 seconds.

I used a red band for the ring dips and 165# for the clean and jerks. This METCON was just plain ornery!

I figured out in the very first round that max reps was out of the question. If I’d truly tried for max reps I would have burned out in two rounds and spent the remaining five rounds flailing and feeling frustrated.

So for most rounds after 3 reps I walked away with about 20 seconds left and returned to the rings to recover. I hit 3 clean and jerks most rounds. I missed one in the fourth and only got two reps that round. I made one attempt and missed one attempt in the sixth round. After the miss, I walked back to my rings to rest. Last round 3 reps. Total score 18 reps. I’ll take it.

How tough was this workout? About 10 minutes afterward, I was sitting on the gym floor changing out of my compression socks and no exaggeration, I strained something in the vicinity of my obliques on my right side! I just had to laugh, except that it smarted. Ah well.