This morning was GREAT FUN at Crossfit Durham! What a fantastic way to kick off the day! It was a very playful sort of WOD and a great workout to boot. Plus some folks, myself included, elected to wear full on costumes. Even folks who didn’t wear formal costumes got into the spirit. I noticed that there was a lot more orange and black being worn around the gym today. Very cool to see.

Here’s the details on the WOD itself.

You’re in a team of 4, or in our case 5. Two team mates start with the Zombie WOD. The other team members start with the defenders WOD. When each team has completed their WOD the teams switch. Final time is when both teams have completed both WODS.

30 wall walks
60 burpees
60 Wall Ball (20lbs/14)
60 Pull ups

200 M Partner Carry
200 Double Unders
100 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Tire Flips OR 60 Deadlifts (185/135lbs)

Some thoughts on the exercises. Wall Walks got kinda “cheeky” when performed in a woman’s house coat. I probably should have worn more than just compression shorts on my lower half. Oops.

Also the slippers and nylons had to go immediately. There was no scaling a smooth painted concrete wall while wearing sheer nylons.

All the other exercises were very evenly split between team mates, with the exception of Pull Ups. Sam definitely pulled some extra reps there and it was appreciated. Our five person team completed the WOD in 27:20.

Now a bit about the fun factor: so I know one of the larger gym chains promotes their “judgement free” zone in an effort to recruit new members. Let me relate a quick story about today’s work out on that topic.

So you can see that one of the exercises was a fireman’s carry. As I mentioned, I was part of a team of three working with Sam, a guy whom I’ve known for some months, and a woman I met just this morning. When it came time for the Fireman’s Carry I looked at Paige and said, “OK, are you comfortable with me carrying you for the fireman’s carry?”

For those that aren’t familiar with the exercise this means I’m about take her one arm by the wrist, bend over and wrap my other arm between her legs around one thigh, then hoist her across my shoulders and proceed to trot up the street with her in that position for 100M and back.

Oh and by the way, I’m dressed like this.

Would you let me carry you up and down the street on my shoulders?

Would you let me carry you up and down the street on my shoulders?

Paige looked at me in my baboushka, floral housecoat, rolled down nylons and fuzzy zebra slippers and never missed a beat. Her response was immediate. She said, “Yup. Let’s go!”

THAT my friends is the very definition of a gamer, a good sport and a judgement free zone!