Lots of great work outs so far this week. Not much daylight to write about them. Here are the basics
Sunday, Nov 2
Take 20 minutes to make up a missed strength segment from the past week

I took a shot at the push press, which disappointed me last Monday.

Hit 205 pretty easily. Tried to PR at 220 and didn’t miss by much. The bar was over my head. Not by a lot, but it was over my head. Just couldn’t drive it up. I wasn’t upset though.

With a partner, each row:
One works while the other rests
Time cap of 30 minutes

Worked with Erin on this one. I’m really enjoying partnering with her for these Sunday WODs. It’s a lot of fun to share these with her.

I rowed the 2000M in 7:33. One second off my all time PR. That’s kind of cool when I know I was working hard, but not all out, since I had two more rows ahead of me.

Times for the 1000 and 500 were respectable, but not great. Given the relatively short rest between rows, I certainly can accept them without complaint.

Erin and I JUST squeaked this one in under the 30 minute wire.

Partly, it’s a matter of perspective. If you add up the distances there it should be 7000M total between the partners, right? But here’s the thing.

Rowers don’t stop precisely, at least not how we had them set this Sunday. Erin would row through 2000m on her first row and while we transitioned, the fly wheel keeps turning. So by the time I sit down, the display now reads 2010. So do I row to 4000, or do I row a full 2000M from that point? I chose to row the full distance. I wanted accurate times for the full distances so I could compare times apples to apples based on previous rows.

Ultimately, we crossed the 7000M mark just under 30 minutes, but I rowed my last segment out to 7020 or so to get my full 500M. From that perspective, we missed the mark.

Monday, Nov 3
1 min single unders, 5 mins of 30 sec on/30 sec off double unders.

First set went really well. I almost went the full 30 seconds unbroken. All subsequent sets deteriorated quickly.

Clean 1RM

I power cleaned 195# twice, with barely any squat. While that was fun and it instilled some confidence in my overall strength, it wasn’t really productive towards the full squat clean. In fact, it made me cocky.

I jumped straight from 195 to 215 attempting to set a new PR. The first time I tried, it really was just a fast deadlift. I had no pull beyond the hips.

I have to learn to control my mind and mouth better too. The first thing that went through my head and out my mouth when I started that lift was, “Oh no!”

I was screwed after that. I just had “no” stuck in my head. Even on the next attempt. Have to remember to stay positive.

For Time:
Run 400M
50 Russian KB Swings (62/44)
Run 200m
20 Burpees
7 minute time cap

This one was pretty fun! All activities went unbroken. I’m pleased with that. I think I brought the WOD in just under 5 minutes. I was also pretty satisfied with that.

Wednesday, Nov 5
EMOM for 6 minutes:
3 pistols right leg
3 pistols left leg

Pistols were ugly today. Legs just felt creaky. I started out working my standard 12″ box + a 15# plate, but realized I was just sitting down and standing up, not kissing the box. So after 2 rounds, I added a 25# plate too.

Not real pleased with that, but it happens.

Back Squat
5 reps at 50 %
3 reps at 60 %
3 reps at 70 %
3 reps at 80 %
3 reps at 80 %
3 reps at 80 %

Back Squats felt good. Worked up to the requisite 240#/80% and did all assigned reps. I still feel very sticky and slow coming out of any squat. Need to work on ways to improve that.

4 Rounds For Time
20 Walking Lunges (total steps)
15 Burpee over the Box Jump (24/20)
10 Push Press (115/80)
16 Minute time cap

Burpee over the box jumps go on FOREVER! Holy smokes! They just never seemed to end each and every round. Still, this was a pretty cool WOD.

All lunges went unbroken. Not quite for Burpee over box jumps. I missed one late in the first round grazing my right leg on the box. No bite marks or bruises though, so it’s all good.

Push Presses also all went unbroken.

I was really struggling through the last round and honestly considering walking away with a DNF. Lucky for me, Chip and Lindsay who had already finished came over and shared some energy and encouragement.

I was just slogging and flopping through the burpee over the box jumps when Chip came by and said something to the effect of, “C’mon. You worked hard to get this far. Make sure it pays off. Finish it out!” That was enough.

From there I tightened up my burpees, plodded through that set and pushed through the presses fairly quickly. Lindsay and Chip were again instrumental in making sure I got it done without hurting myself. Lindsay was reminding me to drive with my legs and take advantage of the dip drive. Chip watched the top half, reminding me to push my head through each rep. Honestly, with their coaching, that last round of push presses felt better than any of the previous three! Thanks very much, guys! I do appreciate it.