Sometimes it’s funny the thoughts that will occur to you mid-wod.

Bench Press
5 reps at 55 %
3 reps at 65 %
3 reps at 75 %
2 reps at 85 %
2 reps at 85 %
2 reps at 85 %

All reps were completed at the assigned weights working up to 3 sets of 2 reps at 210. The bench press just felt weird and unfamiliar today. Not sure why. There never was a set where I felt completely comfortable or in a strong position on the bench.

One set my feet felt off. Most sets I didn’t feel like I had enough arch in my back, to pin my shoulders in. Trying to adjust that though made my hips feel out of position. Don’t know. Just a wonky day. Still, the work got done.

EMOM for 6 minutes:
3-5 strict pullups

I got 3 pull ups per round. Not great. Not awful. A few of us were joking that in the last three rounds, all of a sudden 3 reps seemed like a very large number and a very daunting task. At least I wasn’t alone feeling that way.

AMRAP in 10 minutes
10 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlift (225/185)
10 Air Squat

I knew this one was going to be a grip ripper. Not that it tore open my hands, but that it was going to be really tough to grip the pull up rig and barbell as the rounds wore on when hands got tired.

First round went well. Perhaps a bit too well. I may have fallen into the trap of going out the gate too fast. I did 10 T2B unbroken. When I grabbed the barbell, I realized that was probably a mistake. 225# didn’t feel too bad in my legs and back, but it felt SO heavy in my hands! Think I did 5 and 5 that round.

Knocked out the air squats very quickly and then realized my error there too. Now I was back to T2B with dead hands AND winded. It was then that I said out loud to anyone in my vicinity, “Note to self: don’t rush the air squats.” The second round of T2B was definitely the worst. I think it took 4 subsets to get through them. Not because of my abs, but because I didn’t trust my grip enough to want to go inverted on the pull up rig.

I kept that in mind for remaining rounds using a deliberate pace for air squats that allowed me to recover my breath, all the while flexing and shaking out my arms and hands. It paid off. The last two rounds of T2B went much better than the second.

I have finally discovered a use for mixed grip during deadlifts too. When I’m training DL’s for strength, I always use a standard hook grip with both hands facing the same direction. I don’t like mixed grip. Having my hands facing different directions always feels out of balance and awkward. So I avoid it.

Today though in an attempt to save grip I used mixed grip switching the directions of my hands every 5 reps. I think that helped a bit. I also confirmed that if I have to use mixed grip, I definitely prefer left hand with knuckles out, right hand knuckles in (so that the open hand is facing away from me). That’s worth remembering.

When time ran out, I had completed three full rounds, a fourth set of T2B and 7 deadlifts. So final score: 107 Rx. I’m good with that.