Finished the week with a third date with one of ‘the girls.’ It was everything it was supposed to be.

EMOM 8 minutes
2 Snatch Balance
30% 1RM

Worked 4 rounds with a bare 45# bar. It took a while to warm up and start feeling loose.

Worked the last 4 rounds with 75#. Those felt quite heavy. Still I was pleased with my stability and speed dropping into the squat.
Power Snatch
3 singles at 75 %
3 singles at 85 %
3 singles at 95 %

So by the numbers, my working sets should have been at 125, 140 and 155# respectively.

I did a prelimnary set at 115 and it just felt H-E-A-V-Y! Still for reasons I can’t really explain, after 3 singles, I tried to jump straight to 140#. That was going no where fast.

I scaled back to 120 and completed 6 singles there. Good enough. At that weight, I was consistent and form felt good. Form first!

12 minute time cap

3 rounds for time
400M run
21 American (overhead) Kettlebell Swings (52#)
12 Pull ups

3 months ago I did Helen Rx and completed it in 12:34. So I knew I was going to need to have an exceptional morning to come in under the cap and I mentioned that to Coach Stephen during the strength work.

First round went just as I hoped it would.
I was back from the run at 1:45, completed the round was back the 400M start point comfortably under 4 minutes.

Second round slowed considerably. I was starting the third round at 8:15.

Returned from the run at 10:15. This was going to be very close!

Got through the kettlebell swings in two sets and hit the pull up rig as Coach Stephen called out one minute to go. As I moved to the rig, I asked Stephen to start a second clock. I knew the primary clock was going to hard stop at 12 minutes. I wasn”t sure I would make that, but I was still on a PR pace and I wanted a complete time. He was gracious enough to grab a stop watch and manage that for me.

Things got weird here. I’ve heard other athletes say they don’t like people cheering for and coaching them during a WOD. I’ve never been one of those people. I’ll gladly siphon off any extra energy that some one else wants to throw my way. But today the cheering was counterproductive. It was one of those situations that my wife would describe as, “some kinds of help, is the kind of help we all can do without.” See everyone wanted to count for me, but no two people were counting the same way!

Soon as I started some one on my left was counting up from 1-12. Some one else on my right was counting down! Some one else figured out I was doing sets of three, so the second time I went up to the bar, they were counting 3-2-1. A fourth person was counting rest for me, telling me, “Get back on the bar in 3-2-1!”

I normally count my reps down. I like the feeling of coming down to one. It gives me confidence. But at this point, my brain was just screaming, “Gah!!! What the hell is the count?!” I very nearly shouted at all of them, “Will you all just stop with the numbers!”

I had to stop after my second set and it was less about the physical rest, it was more that I had to recount in my head to be sure I knew how many reps I’d completed and how many I had to go!

The lesson here folks, if you finish a METCON before me and want to encourage me, please do! I welcome it. I want that encouragement. Cheer me on. Tell me to work hard. Scream at me to get after it, keep going, whatever. Get in my face and tell me to drive on. But please no numbers! Leave the counting to me. I promise to do the same for you.

I dropped from the bar after the last rep at 12:10. That’s a 24 second improvement. I’m a smidge disappointed that I missed the 12 minute goal, but overall I’m very satisfied and quite proud of another PR on this benchmark WOD.