After a week off from the box and blogging, I’m getting back into things. Not quite with the same sense of energy and recharge that I was anticipating or hoping for but still, feeling pretty good.

The reason I’m not as excited to be back is one of the nagging aches that has been troubling me didn’t subside with the week of rest. That’s both disappointing and encouraging.

It’s disappointing because obviously I would prefer to be pain free. However, it’s encouraging because the gym is not the aggravating factor. I’m pretty sure I now understand that the persistent ache in my hip is the result of my work station situation. I just need to work out how to resolve that.

I’m also encouraged by a couple of other things. One, it was REALLY hard to stay out of the gym last week! I skipped a HERO WOD on Veteran’s Day and Helen Meets Grace, a charity WOD for Barbells for Boobs on Saturday. It was not easy to sit those out!

I’m encouraged that I DID actually exercise the discipline to stay away despite the enticements. Enforcing some rest is equally important as enforcing discipline about getting to the gym. So it is an accomplishment in it’s own right.

I’m also amused by the fact that at this stage in my life, staying OUT of the gym requires a greater effort of concentration and coordination than being IN the gym. I hope that never changes.

So onto the workout stuff.

Sunday afternoon I got to spend two hours working on gymnastics skills in a small group with one of our former Crossfit Durham coaches. What a great way to spend the afternoon! I didn’t necessarily have any revelations or PR’s. I didn’t magically hit my first muscle up, or anything dramatic like that. Just getting to spend two hours working on kipping, bar and ring muscle up drills, handstands and such was fantastic!

I definitely learned a bunch and have some great new drills to practice both in the box and in the backyard with my own rings. Probably the best feedback I got on the day was to simply hear Coach Allison comment on how far I’ve come since she’s seen or coached me last.

Tracking workouts and goals and PR’s as obsessively as I do can get frustrating some times. It’s easy to get caught up in the “still haven’t got x” or “don’t feel like I’ve made progress on…” To have a coach who hasn’t seen me in months watch me for an afternoon and say, “I can’t believe how far you’ve come, keep up the great work,” means a lot. Definitely a big recharge of the emotional battery.

Monday, Nov 17

EMOM for 4 minutes:
2 – 2nd position Snatch Pull
1- 2nd position Snatch.
Then go directly into EMOM 4 minutes:
2 Snatch Pull
1 – Snatch
Use 50% 1RM

Allison warned us as we left Sunday that our lats might not like us much in the coming days. She was right.

Snatch work felt very heavy right from the start. I worked these at 75#. Normally, I might do them at 95. 75# was plenty heavy.

The first couple of rounds were more muscle snatches with an overhead squat. After that I found my drop and form improved quickly. Still, I was not motivated at all to add any additional weight.

Power Snatch
1 rep at 60 %
1 rep at 70 %
1 rep at 75 %
1 rep at 85 %
1 rep at 90 %
1 rep at 95 %
1 rep at 100 %
1 rep at 100 %
1 rep at 100 %

That set the stage pretty well for this portion of the WOD. I worked up to a ‘snatch-press’ at 135# and called it a day. It was obvious that the form just wasn’t there today. I wasn’t upset about it. I just moved on and prepped for the METCON.

AMRAP in 7 minutes
21 Double Unders
15 KB Swings (52/35)
9 Burpees

This was a fun METCON. Double unders were on for the first round, then sort of evaporated. KB swings and burpees were all done unbroken. I completed 3 full rounds + 10 additional double unders. Seemed about right.