Sweet mercy! I haven’t posted since November 21? Things have been busy of late. Mostly all good, mind you: travel, birthdays, high school reunions, family vacation, holidays. Some not so great: got laid up for 2 days with some nasty lil bug. Still got in a few workouts. Just not much time to write.

Let’s review and see what’s gone on since the 21st.

Worked out Monday, Nov 24.

Strength (done before Skill today):
Bench Press 1RM

Max Bench Press would have been 250# – I’m working from memory here. I think I maxxed out at 215. I’ll accept it as I spent the entire weekend laid up on the couch fighting fever and chills leading up to this.

EMOM for 6 minutes:
3-5 Ring Dips

Pretty sure I just did 2-3 each round and got scolded periodically for not being deep enough.

For time:
Row [250/200]
15 KB swings [70/52]
25 burpees
15 KB swings
Row [250/200]

Scaled this METCON using a 62# kettlebell. Got the work done in 5-ish minutes, I believe.

Thursday, Nov 27
Home WOD
8 rounds for time
10 walking lunges
10 push ups
10 sit ups.

This was a fairly quick workout just for the sake of burning off some excess energy while visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Took just a little more than 10 minutes to complete. It was exactly the workout I was looking for. I have a tendency to overdo workouts on holidays with Hero WODs to the point where the recovery interferes with the enjoyment of the holiday.

This one was a good honest sweat, but not overkill.

Friday, Nov 28

This was my favorite workout in a while. Erin and I traveled back to my hometown in NJ for my 25th High School reunion. While we were in town we got to spend an evening working out with a high school friend who credits this blog as her inspiration for taking up Crossfit on her own.

It was a real treat to meet up with her and do a WOD together!

We did 5 set of 3 reps of bench press at 80% of 1RM. That translated to 205# for me. Form felt good and the coach/owner was very complimentary.

The METCON was

10 Minute AMRAP
5 deadlifts (275 – Rx)
10 push up
15 box jumps (24″ – Rx)

I was mulling over that Rx Deadlift all the way down to NJ from my in-laws in Binghamton, NY. Two hundred seventy-five pounds just sounded heavy.

Still, I started doing the math and it’s roughly 70% of my 1RM. Suddenly, it didn’t sound overwhelming. I talked it over with the box owner. After I demonstrated my form on a couple of warm up reps, we agreed that it seemed like a reasonably challenging weight. My comment to him was, “what the hell? I didn’t come all this way to scale.”

I got in 5 full rounds, a 6th round of DL’s and 2 push ups. Very satisfied with that. Felt like I represented Crossfit Durham respectably.

More importantly, I got to spend time with my friend, see her home box, meet the great community at Crossfit Finest and share some exercise and laughs.

I was smiling all through the METCON as I was facing my wife Erin and could see my friend, Jean to my left. We all encouraged each other continually through the METCON. Very cool to share.

Monday, Dec 2.

EMOM for 8 minutes:
2 Hang Power Snatch from 1st position
2 Full Snatch from 1st position
Use 50% 1RM

21-15-9 reps, for time
Deadlift 225 lb
Handstand push-ups

This is a delodad week as the gym is hosting a Crossfit Total on Saturday. I won’t be taking part this year. Various family commitments have to take precedence this time around.

The skill work went pretty well. Coach Lindsay lead us through some extensive snatch drill work above and beyond the skill work listed. It was definitely instructive and time well spent.

In the end, the EMOM went pretty smooth. The METCON, not so much.

I didn’t check to see if I’ve attempted this benchmark WOD before. All I can say after today is that it definitely is not in my wheelhouse. But that’s ok.

I scaled the deadlifts to 185. I know, I know, after the METCON Friday, you would think 225# was no issue right? Simply put, I wasn’t feeling it.

HSPU’s were done from a 24″ box. These were far and away the tougher part of the METCON! Both Coaches Lindsay and Doug (rightfully so) were encouraging me to get my hands much closer to my box creating a more vertical (and realistic) range of motion. As Doug put, “get your hands closer, Paul. You’re just doing push ups, not handstand push ups.” They were right.

I do have one point of contention though. Coach Lindsay was very clear (or at least as I understood it this morning) that her expectation/standard for range of motion was for us to place our head between our hands on the floor. So that they ended up in a horizontal line at the bottom of the movement.

I always thought that during HSPU’s the hands should be back somewhat behind the head. So that when the head meets the floor the three points of contact would create a triangle.

For today, I just did my best to follow the instructoin of the coach of the day, but it’s left me curious.