Monday, Dec 8

Strength – Hang Power Clean

Did my sets at 95, 115, 135, 155, 175. Pretty satisfied with that for the day.


10 Front Squats 205 Rx (155 – actual)
10 Burpee Muscle Ups (subbed burpee pull ups)

A clean at 205 is my current 1RM. It wasn’t reasonable to think I’d do that more than once, so I had to scale the Front Squats. Coach Lindsay’s advise was find a weight that was challenging, but we thought we could do unbroken. I settled on 155.

First set was unbroken – second set went 6 and 4.

I don’t have Muscles Ups so I took the Muscle Chest to Bar Pull Up scale option, but scales that again on the fly. The first set was probably legitimate chest to bar. But for the second set, I scaled again to burpee chin over bar pull ups.

Finished in 6:04. Reasonably satisfied with that.

Tuesday, Dec 9
EMOM 8 each arm
3 KB Swings (Russian)
2 KB High Pulls
1 KB Snatch

I did these at 30# and they felt pretty good. I consistently completed all rounds under 21 seconds. Pleased with that.

KB Snatch Test – Max Reps in 5 minutes – 52# Rx

I had a strategy for this test. I planned on doing three reps per arm throughout. I didn’t have a rep count goal though. I’ve never tried something like this, so I had no frame of reference. My only goal was to adhere to Coach Lindsay’s challenge to never put the kettlebell down. I was able to accomplish that.

I really wanted to drop it during the 60 seconds from 2:30 to 3:30. Once I cleared the 3:30 mark, then I just sort of got stubborn telling myself, “you came this far, you can’t put it down now.” Pleased to say that I was able to accomplish that. I can’t claim unbroken. There were definitely times where I had to simply take a few breaths with the kettlebell resting at arm’s length, but it never touched the floor.

When the time elapsed, I completed 81 total reps. 14 sets on the left side, and 13 on the right. Very satisfied with that.



10 power clean, 95# Rx

10 ring dips (scaled to bar dips)

I completed 5 rounds even on the METCON. Something Coach Lindsay said before we started struck a chord with me. She said, “Remember, this is training, not competition.” I took that to heart and made sure that every bar dip was the best form I could make it. It’s easy to get caught up in the action and try to work fast and compromise form.

Today, I remembered to keep form first.

On Playing
I’ve really been enjoying Coach Lindsay’s warm up routines the past few sessions. She’s putting the sense of play back into some of the workout sessions and I for one really enjoy and appreciate it. Today was a great example.

We split into two teams of 5.

One person did a rope climb.

Then every one did a med ball clean and at the top of the clean basically did a free throw with the med ball trying to hit the top of a plyo box roughly 10 feet away. It’s harder than you think! Here’s why.

The shooter had to hustle to retrieve their own throw and return the ball to the next person in line. My shot fell short more than once, because I was trying to be clever and hit the front of the box avoiding a big rebound and roll. Unfortunately, it meant my touch was too light and a couple shots didn’t count.

Once everyone in line took a free throw, then two teams of two did a wheelbarrow walk down the length of the pull up rig and ran back. That was one round.

The team repeated that cycle until everyone had completed a rope climb (scaled as needed).

Technically, we were supposed to keep score. Each successful free throw on the top of the plyo box being one point, but that kind of got lost in the shuffle. And the whole thing got kind of confusing as to when it was over and whether only two or four people each round were supposed to do the wheelbarrow, but that really wasn’t the point.

The important parts were that we got to do rope climbs and wheelbarrows which are great fun and don’t happen very often at all. Plus it was a team exercise which doesn’t happen much during weekday programming. And in the end, it was all simply declared a tie and everyone had a pretty good laugh before moving on to the WOD. It really put a sense of fun back into the morning, in my opinion. Which I think is fantastic.

I look forward to seeing what Coach Lindsay cooks up next.