So many workouts. So little time to write. The energy and schedule demands of the holiday season have prevented me from having much time to write. Fortunately, they have not impinged upon my workout schedule…much. So let’s get caught up.

Friday, 12/12/

Strength: Press (strict)
My current 1RM is 155#. By the end of this strength segment, I completed TWO sets of 3 at 145#! I’ll be the first to admit that the last rep of the last set was UGLY! But it happened. I look forward to 1RM attempts on this lift next time it comes around.

3 RD for Time:
50 Sit Ups
25 Hand Release Push Ups
I think there was a 15 minute time cap on this. I finished in 12:33.

Best part about this particular Friday was that several friends joined me in the holiday themed Funky Friday. It was a lot of fun to have folks dress up. I continue to be grateful that we have a community that is willing to play those sort of reindeer games when these whims strike me.

So I said the holidays didn’t impede me much. There was a lot going on, so I passed on last Sunday’s WOD. No big deal. We’ll get back into the rhythm in the new year.

I also passed on Monday’s WOD. At this point I don’t recall why. Just wasn’t feeling it I guess.

So I made a point of getting to the box on Tuesday.

Strength: Hang Power Clean

3-3-3-1-1-1 – I lifted 115, 115, 135 for the rounds of three reps. I lifted 165, 185, and 195 for the singles respectively. That 195# is noteworthy/amusing to me because my current full squat clean PR is 205#. If I were equally technically proficient at both of those lifts, then my squat clean ought to be significantly higher than my power clean. Guess I have some work to do on the squat clean in 2015.

Muscle Ups
400M Run

At Coach Stephen’s guidance, I substituted the following combination for the muscle ups. Do one full ring row. From the extended bottom position of the ring row do a pull/muscle up transition with my feet on the floor. From there press out to the top of the ring dip.

These were exhausting! There was a 15 minute cap this day as well and I finished around the 14:30 mark. The only significant thing to note in this METCON was that my last 400M run was the fastest of the three. That’s because I knew my time was very limited to avoid a DNF and I tried my best to run down someone who got out the door ahead of me. I missed catching Griff by a stride or two, but I’m pretty confident he was matching his pace to mine to keep me motivated. If he wanted to, I’m sure he could have run away from me and the gap between our finishes could have been much greater. i appreciated the push all the same.

Back Squat
I lifted 185, 225 and 275 for the sets of three and things felt great this morning. I made singles of 295 and 315#. I did not make a third attempt. After hitting a PR, I didn’t see a need to go further. The 315 is a modest 5 pound PR, but a PR none the less. So I’m pleased.

Wall Ball 20# to 10′ target

Power Clean 135# Rx

Another 15 minute time cap, but 11:33 to finish. Holy Smokes this was a grinder! My hips still feel smoked a couple hours later. I really wanted to run the wall balls unbroken, but that just wasn’t happening.

Funniest moment of the session actually happened during warm ups. Coach Ami had us doing parallette shoot throughs, 4 sets of 5 reps.

For my last set, I joined Chad and Griff on a set of rings to try some ring shoot throughs. I’ve never attempted those before, so it was a chance to play around a bit.

On my very first rep, when I pulled my feet through from behind me to in front of me, I somehow lost my balance, fell the couple of inches through to the floor onto my backside and the momentum carried me over onto my back.

Lying there in the inverted turtle pose, I looked up at Chad laughing and asked, “What the hell just happened there?”

He looked down at me smiled and said, “I don’t know, but the EXACT same thing happened to me on my first rep!”

We worked out that when doing shoot throughs on the rings, you REALLY have to keep your entire body tight and use less of a jump when pulling the feet from back to front.

I’m liking the way my muscles feel having worked out a little less frequently and not on consecutive days. Not feeling quite so beat up this week. However, I have to be honest, working out less and more significantly the glut of holiday cookies/parties is taking a bit of a toll on my waist line. The needle on the scale is creeping up and the waist band on my jeans is definitely pulling a bit tighter than it has in past months. Not a big deal. Just something to be aware of. Need to stay balanced and disciplined in all aspects here.

With that in mind, I’m trying very hard to complete the 21 day/1260 sit up challenge that my friend John initiated.

As it stands right now, I have 745 sit ups done. The goal is to complete 1260 by EOD 12/21.

I’m at the point now where I’m setting a 60 minute timer and knocking out 30 reps every working hour. Need to complete this, not just for the health benefits, but because the Whirlwind also latched onto this challenge. I think he has less than 200 sit ups to go. Can’t start something like this with him and not finish it. Parenting can be a powerful fitness motivator.