The Rolling Stones had it exactly right. “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try some times, you get what you need.” Today was that kind of day.

Friday I wrote about how I PR’d an Open WOD, but wasn’t really satisfied. Today I missed a new 1RM on my push press, TWICE and still walked away grinning from ear to ear. I’m even sure why that is.

I worked through some good lifts at warm up weights, then jumped from 185 to 205. 205 felt really good. So I decided to jump to 225. That would have been a nice increase from my all time high of 217.5.

I made two really good attempts and each one was very close to being successful, but I just couldn’t lock it out. Somehow today, that wasn’t disappointing. I KNOW I will make that lift and soon. For today, that’s enough.

Then we got into the METCON.

This was a four member team WOD.

As prescribed, it looked like this.

50 M Farmer’s Carry (53#) – each team member
100 Box Jumps – 24 inch – singles
100 Power Cleans – 115# – singles
100 Wall Balls – heavy – sets of 5
100 KB Swings (American) – 53# – Each team member does 25 and must go unbroken, or the entire team does 3 burpees.
100 Abmat SitUps – Each team member does 25 and must go unbroken, or the entire team does 3 burpees.
50 M Farmer’s Carry – each team member

Coach Laurie explained that she was going to assign the teams and about mid-way through the workout she asked me if I was willing to work with three younger guys who wanted to go heavier than prescribed. I told her, “sure. Why not?”

In between the strength session and the METCON, We all reconvened at the white board and Coach Laurie introduced the teams and ran through the details of the workout. My team mates had elected to use 70# KB’s for the Farmer Carries and KB Swings. They were planning a 40# slam ball for the wall balls and sit ups. It was at about that point that I thought, “I just might be going home in an ambulance today.” I was feeling like I’d gotten in way over my head. But then I figured, “well, I can always use Monday for a rest day…and maybe Tuesday, so ok.”

I did grab a 30# slam ball for the wall balls and sit ups, in case everything came unglued.

I also had to stop an internal bidding war over the weight for the cleans. I had talked to one of the guys during the strength session and he told me they were planning on 135# for the cleans. I thought, “Ok. That’s totally doable. I’m good with that.”

However, Coach Laurie pointed at our team and said something to the effect of, “I expect you guys to use at least 135# for the cleans.” Well, when my team mates discovered they were allowed to go even heavier all the sudden the auction broke loose.

“What do you think? 165#?”

“Nah, can we go 185#?”

I told them, “Guys, my all time PR is 205. 185 for 25 reps is out of my league. I’d feel better about 155#” They graciously agreed and we got under way.

Well, I lived to tell the tale, so obviously I made it through. And truth be told, I feel like I legitimately held my own.

The cleans were what had me intimidated. But by cycling through the entire team one rep at a time there was adequate rest. So that every time I was required to lift, I was able to step up to the bar without hesitation and snap it up. In hindsight, we probably could have gone at 165#.

The damn wall balls caught me off guard! I never dropped the slam ball, but there were a couple of times where I caught the ball in an awkward fashion and kind of had to reset before the next toss. I just forgot that slam balls don’t bounce the same way wall balls do off a target. Fact is, slam balls don’t bounce at all!

I got through the KB swings unbroken. The last three were seriously heavy! At that point I was having a real tough time staying in my heels. I think I shuffled my feet a bit the last few reps.

I did use the 30# ball for the sit ups rather than the 40, but did the set unbroken.

Basically, it just felt great to get WAY outside my personal comfort zone and come out the other side not only standing but smiling. I never would have chosen those weights for myself. Never.

To be the old dog today (I had a good ten years, and maybe more, over anyone on my team) running with a pack of ‘big dogs’ and come out ok on the other side was very very cool. I needed that figurative shot in the arm.