Things have been rolling pretty smooth so far in the new year. Hope it continues as the Crossfit Open approaches.


Sumo Deadlift
As heavy as possible

I tried to be optimistic and aggressive with this lift today. I haven’t tested it in quite some time and I’ve felt like I’m on a bit of a roll lately. As Coach Ami observed, “it’s been raining PR’s for you lately, hasn’t it?” I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I guess she’s right.

So anyway, I believe my sets went as follows:
3 at 225
3 at 275
3 at 315 – by the time I got here, I started to second guess myself about setting a new PR. This round felt surprisingly heavy.

But then I did a single at 335 which felt really good. go figure. That reset my confidence moving forward.

From 335 I moved to 355#, 10 pounds below my all time high. It wasn’t happening.

I lifted with my butt first which left me with my legs locked out, back extended and 355# hanging from my arms just over my shoe tops. I set it back down.

Second time around, I was very careful to stay back in the lift. It came off the floor again, but I didn’t accomplish much more than that.

I took a brief rest, dropped back to 335# and did one more lift there, just to end with a hit. By that time I was tired. It wasn’t a very pretty lift. It got hung up around my knees for a bit before I was able to ratchet into place. Not great, but I was pleased to walk out with a lift rather than a pair of fails.
With a partner, each partner alternates rowing each interval
Row 500m
Row 400m
Row 300m
Row 200m
Row 100m

When I saw this WOD posted last night, I got very excited. I like rowing and I was not disappointed this morning. I enjoyed this METCON tremendously!

I partnered with Aaron Y today. I was a bit selfish at the outset. I had a goal in mind to PR my 500M row. To do that I wanted a clean clock and distance count starting at zero. So I made sure I was on the rower first.

I didn’t really talk it over with Aaron to see if maybe he had the same ambitions. It was not the most courteous I’ve ever been at the gym. Sorry, Aaron. Next time you lead!

For what it’s worth, I accomplished that goal. I bested my old time of 1:41 from February of 2013, by 4 seconds! I’m satisfied with that.

I don’t have splits for the other rows, it was too complicated to try and record start and end times and do the math. I do know that for all the rows I worked very hard to keep my pace under 1:40/500M. I was largely successful. I would occaissionally lapse and end up a bit slower but it was always for a matter of seconds and then I was able to dial the pace back up.

Coach Ami said there was a 12 minute cap on this WOD, but instucted us to see the METCON through to completion. Ultimately, Aaron and I finished in 12:58. For the record, Aaron is a damn fast rower!

Fun fun stuff. Now I’m looking ahead to Friday’s revisit of another Crossfit Open WOD.