Sunday, Sept 18
We had 20 minutes to work on a strength segment from the previous week.

I went after the push press for the third time in seven days.

I know I’m being stubborn here. My old 1RM is 217.5. I should just go to 220, bang it out, call it a PR and a new 1RM. But I WANT 225#!

There’s just something about the idea of having two 45# plates on each side of that bar, shoving it up and locking it out that appeals to me!

Even though 220 would be an improvement, I would still consider it a disappointment. This is becoming a bit of a white whale for me. But it’s all good natured.

Suffice it to say that I did not hit it this weekend. Once again, I missed it by the lock out. It’s so damn close.

In teams of 2:
Each partner will perform 10 rounds (2 minutes each) of the following:
4 Pullups
8 Front Squats (95/65)
12 Kettlebell Swings
As many Burpees as possible in remaining time
Partners will alternate working and resting.
Score will be total amount of burpees performed by the team

Now, the way that’s written, wouldn’t you think that this was a 40 minute WOD with each partner doing 10 rounds? That’s what I was expecting. But whether it was a typo, or coach’s discretion, Coach Lori informed us that the WOD was 10 rounds total. Each member would do 5 rounds! Thank heavens, because I’m honestly not sure I would have stayed conscious for 10 rounds each!

I was reasonbly consistent with my burpees. 3 rounds of 15 and 2 rounds of 13. I didn’t record the team’s final score. I just know what I completed.

This one was a lot of fun as Lori allowed our kids to take part. Whirlwind substituted hip touches for pull ups, and goblet squats for front squats. Lil Bit did air squats rather than goblet squats. They had a pretty good time of it. It’s always a treat when we can modify a Sunday WOD and involve the kids.

Monday, January 19

I wandered over to Bull City Crossfit since Monday was a holiday. I wanted to work out with my future competition partner, John.

Skills: Ring Dips Establish a 1RM set

I pulled off 7 really quality strict ring dips. That was my strongest set of the day. I’m satisifed with that.

Strength: EMOM 10 min Snatch
2nd position snatch
1st position snatch

In 3 plus years of Crossfit, this was the first time I worked snatches UP through the positions. It’s fairly common to run down from 1st, 2nd then ground. I don’t ever recall doing it this way. Second position still remains my least favorite of the three.

I worked 5 rounds at 75#, just under 50%, then 5 at 95#, a bit over. All in all, things felt good.

20 American KB Swings (53#)
8 burpee box jumps
20 Abmat sit ups
8 burpee box jumps.

I got through 2 full rounds plus 40 additional reps. Burpee box jumps were sluggish, but all exercises were done unbroken.

I was using one of the other fellows working out as my rabbit. He started out very fast and was running away from me in the first round.

However, as I completed the second round, I stepped off the box and glanced in his direction. He was doubled over his kettlebell gasping for air.

I thought, “There’s my window! Unbroken kettlebells and some fast burpee box jumps and I can get him!” I gave it a hell of a run, but he still stayed out in front of me. He finished with a handful of more reps completed when it was all said and done.

That’s ok. It was good to find that motivation to turn up my own energy.


-) Still haven’t decided what to do about WODs at the end of this week. The choices are attend Friday and do Open WOD 14.4 (which I despise), or go Saturday and do Cindy (which I really enjoy).

I can’t decide if I’m going to be stubborn and tackle that goat of 14.4, or go with the WOD I prefer. It’s not an option to do both back to back. I won’t give either a full effort. More likely, I know myself, I’ll justify a disappointing score on either by laying it off on the other WOD. Best to test just one and give it my all.

At this point, I’m feeling kind of stubborn and I kind of like the idea of going after 14.4 to see if I can improve on what I considered to be a real disappointment during last year’s open. Not sure I can do monumentally better, but I think I want to see some progress on that one.

-) I’m registering for the Festivus Games in April in Wake Forest. Looking forward to that competition. I’ve wanted for years to try it, but it always conflicted with a favorite mud run. Fortunately, this year the Mud Run has moved to a different date so there’s no conflict! There are a handful of folks from CFD who plan on joining, so that will be cool. Even more exciting, it sounds like Erin is going to join us for her first competition!

-) I’m participating in a Whole 30 diet challenge with some friends to reboot my eating habits. I’m two days in and fighting the caffeine withdrawl. I never think of myself as a coffee drinker, or particularly addicted, but it seems it hits me harder than I expect. Other than that I’m feeling good. I’ll be tracking my weight during the challenge as we go. Don’t know that I need to share it this time.