I went back and forth quite a bit this week about whether or not I should do the workout today. I’m very glad I did

EMOM for 6 minutes:
3 2-hand Russian Swings
2 Double KB Clean
1 KB Thruster
Use a load you can handle

I did 3 rounds with 35# kettlebells and 3 rounds with 40#. I could have gone a bit higher, and on a different day, I probably would have, but I didn’t want to take any chances overdoing something before the METCON.

Open WOD 14.4
Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots (20/14)
30 cleans, (135/95)
20 muscle-ups

This METCON and I have history and it ain’t friendly. When I did it during the Open Season last Spring, I completed 110 reps. I completed the row in less than 3 minutes, then spent 11 minutes flopping around on the pull up rig trying to get through 50 toes to bar. My judge at the time, said I got them all. I think he was generous. I was very dissatisfied and disgruntled about that WOD at the time. I had much higher expectations of myself that day and it left a bad taste in my mouth for days afterward.

Disliking the WOD that much made choosing to go today really difficult. I’ve been telling folks all week, “Friday will be a game time decision. We’ll see how it goes.” I know we’re supposed to face our goats, but sometimes it can be hard to screw up the motivation.

Even as I was walking out the door this morning at 5:45 this morning, I was saying to myself. “Go back to bed. It’s Lil Bit’s birthday today. Her Daddy really should be here to sing her happy birthday when she wakes up. This is just another WOD. Let it go. You can go tomorrow and do Cindy. It’s much more in your wheelhouse.” But I went.

The row today was very close to last time. I was rowing a very consistent near 1 cal per stroke at a pace of 23/24 strokes per minute. I think there were about 5 strokes that weren’t 1cal:1stroke. I’m very satisfied with that. I was off the rower under 3 minutes again.

Then it was time to face down the goat, toes to bar. Coach Lindsay offered some excellent advice with respect to the toes to bars. The first tip was don’t try to do to much too fast. Once T2B are gone, they’re gone. So pick a conservative pace. The second part of what she offered was, “even if you’re just doing singles, find a rhythm and stick to it.” She explained that last Spring she literally did singles, but built in a steady rest. So hop up. Do a rep. Hop down. Take one step out. Turn around. Take one step back. Hop up. Do another rep. Repeat.

While I liked that concept, frequently the first rep is toughest for me. So I went with a three-rep, three step rest cycle all the way to thirty. Then did a two rep, three step rest cycle to finish, with the occasional pit stop to chalk the hands. I was off the rig somewhere around the nine minute mark. I was both stunned, thrilled, and a bit intimidated. Five minutes was a lot of time and there was still a lot of work out in front of me.

As a group we’d been talking earlier about the METCON and I explained my past experience. So everyone knew it was a big deal to me to make it to the wall balls. That was the goal on the day. I’d never put a number on it. I just wanted to get into the wall balls. Griff was working alongside me and offered some encouragement and I responded with, “Hey. It’s all gravy from here on out!”

I completed wall balls in sets of 15-15-10 with no missed reps.

Part of me was hoping time would run out during the Wall Balls, after all, I’d met my goal and this shit was really starting to hurt. I never expected to get to the barbell. Hell, I almost didn’t bother to set one up. But after the last wall ball, I realized there was more than two minutes left. So onto the cleans.

I got 15 power cleans in the time remaining. They were all singles, dropped from the top, with a step back, breathe, step up and lift rhythm. Maybe I could of eeked out a few more, but honestly, at that point I was so surprised at how much better this WOD went today, that I was just grinning all through the cleans. Each rep felt like a bonus point.

So from Open season where I scored 110 reps to today where I scored 165 reps. That’s a pretty massive improvement. Yeah, that was definitely worth getting out of bed.

And Lil Bit? She seemed to enjoy having a private, silly, lounge-lizard style rendition of Happy Birthday sung to her when I got home. So I guess it’s all good.