Had to work hard to stay inside my own head and space and stick to what I wanted to accomplish today when the METCON got started.

Hang Power Snatch
As heavy as possible

Worked 95×3, 115×3, 125×3, then two singles at 135#.

The drop and catch felt good today, but man the bar felt heavy going up today. Still form felt pretty good, but it was definitely not a new 1RM sort of day. That’s cool though. I was comfortable with how things went.

For time:
15 Muscle Ups
Run 800m
12 Muscle Ups
Run 400m
9 Muscle Ups
Run 200m
Time cap in 15 minutes

I don’t have muscle ups, so I took the substitution Coach Lindsay offered 10 pull ups and 10 ring dips the first round, 8 and 8 the second round and 6 and 6 the final round.

Pull ups felt good today. Ring dips did too for as long as they lasted. Knowing that these were substitutions for muscles ups, I was concentrating on making each one very deep and strict. They proved to be time consuming.

So much so that I was the second to the last person out the door for the first run, by a WIDE margin. Not sure what scales/substitutions other folks were using and I’m not judging. But in the heat of the METCON it was disconcerting to get left behind. I know we’re not competing with anyone else, but when 11 of 13 people go out the door a good 30 seconds ahead of you, it gets inside your head. Or at least, it did mine. Enough so that I wondered if I had misunderstood the rep scheme. I checked the white board to be sure I was doing the correct work. Once I verified that, THEN I reminded myself, “you’re training today, not competing. Stay focused. Make each rep count.”

That definitely helped settle my mind and find my groove. I was able to dismiss everyone else and focus on my own effort again. I finished in 13:46. I had to go to banded ring dips for the round of six. My shoulders were smoked. There was no climbing out of the bottom of a deep dip. It’s all good though. I’m pleased with the effort and the form of the ring dips especially. That will pay off later on down the road.

Had another ‘thank you Crossfit’ experience this Sunday. If we’re connected on Facebook, then you know the family spent the afternoon at a local climbing center for indoor rock climbing celebrating our childrens’ birthdays. It was by far my favorite of their birthday parties to date.

We had a blast scaling the 16 and 33 foot walls! I was pleasantly surprised at how many routes of varying technical difficulty I was able to climb. I had no real expectations going in, but it was a real gratifying discovery to find that I was able to climb all the runs I attempted.

Beyond that, it was so rewarding just to be able to take part! A couple of years, and 60 extra pounds, ago, I don’t know that I would have even attempted this. I likely would have sat on the sidelines cheering on the kids munching cupcakes and birthday cake. This weekend, there was no question. It was, “Hell, yes, I’m gonna climb!” We all spent two solid hours climbing, celebrating together and cheering one another on. It was pretty fantastic.

The day just served as a great reminder of why I work to stay fit now. It’s so I can be actively engaged with my kids, my wife and so we’re empowered to explore these new adventures.