That seemed to be the recurring theme for me today.

Front Squat
As heavy as possible

Pretty good session here this morning. I worked up to one successful single at 235#. That’s just 15# off my all time PR, so I’m satisfied. I missed it on the first attempt, because I was too far back in my heels. My toes came up, I started to rock back and I very quickly let the bar drop. There was no way I wanted to get pinned under that!

Once the bar was moving away from me, gravity took over as I started to rise. I ended up backpedaling a couple of steps and nearly went backwards over the box I’d recently set up in preparation for the METCON! Lesson re-learned! It’s ok to start accumulating gear and setting up for the MECON during breaks, but be mindful of where you leave things!

21 – 15 – 9:
Deadlift (275/185)
Box Jump (30/24)
Time cap of 10 minutes

I thought I wanted to do this WOD Rx, but I made a couple of lifts at 275# and realized that it would be too much. I scaled to 225#. Partly I didn’t think I could finish in the time alloted at that weight. Partly I’m looking ahead to Friday. We’ll be doing Open WOD 13.3 that day. 150 wall balls and then double unders. I know how my legs respond a couple days after heavy deads and box jumps, so I wanted to lighten the load a bit today. I don’t want to walk into Friday already feeling punished.

Deadlifts went well. I discovered that if I use a mixed-grip with my right hand facing away from my body, I seem to twist or at least lift differently than I do with a standard grip. When I used a mixed grip I could feel an uncomfortable torque in my left lower back. So I abandoned that and went back to standard. The first two rounds of deadlifts were done in sets of three. The last round was two sets.

The first round of box jumps is where I had my next altercation with the box! I was jumping 30″ as prescribed. It’s a height I’m comfortable doing. I finished my deadlifts, took three steps to my box, set myself and jumped.

I was careful to spot my landing. I knew right where I wanted to be. My left foot jumped all 30 inches and landed on the box. My right foot only jumped 28 and change. I banged my toes against the front of the box, tried to haul my foot up, but lost my balance first. I was able to get the right foot back to the floor before I started falling, but still, I spun off the box in an awkward one-footed hopping sort of dance.

Coach Ami came by to check on me. I assured her I was ok. I showed her there was no bruise no bleeding as it was my shoe that had thumped the box not my shin or knee. I considered setting the box to 24″, but after a quick pause and and air squat or two decided to test the 30″ again. Figured, “Nope. Get back on that horse and ride it. Don’t let it throw you!”

Nailed the next attempt and all the subsequent jumps. I will admit though, it was a good five or six jumps into the set before I felt comfortable again jumping at that height. I also found that even with a rest and some leg shaking that first jump after each round of deadlifts was the trickiest of any set.

Another lesson learned on the day: as you transition to box jumps ensure you’re legs are ready for the task!

I finished the METCON in 8:46. Very pleased with that.