Catching up on METCONs and ramblings today.

Friday, Jan 30
Open 13.3
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls (20 lbs to 10′ target)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

I haven’t seen this WOD since the 2013 Open. I deliberately did not look up my original score. I did recall that double unders were my nemesis back then and I simply wanted to get as deep as possible into those as I could.

Wall balls went ok. I finished those in under 9 minutes. I think I was closer to 8. In the time remaining I pulled off 70 double unders. So, final score 220 reps. When I got home and checked my records, I discovered that was a 30+ rep improvement. Satisfying, but I definitely need to work more on DU’s.

More on that soon. One thing I am noticing about double unders. They’re like any other exercise, pullups, pushups, whatever. I seem to have a finite amount in me on any given day and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I’m starting to think that rather than going after max reps every set, I should start budgeting them.

For example, on Friday, my first run was in the neighborhood of 20 reps. Every set after was some amount less untill I found myself floundering doing singles and doubles. Kind of annoying. I’m speculating that if I tried to break them into sets of 10, perhaps I wouldn’t get so gassed and my coordination wouldn’t break down so quickly. Something to experimeint with this month.

Sunday, Feb 1

I wandered over to Bull City crossfit on Sunday. It was their one year anniversary and they were doing “Cindy,” the same WOD they did at their opening last year. I like this WOd and really wanted to take a shot at it. My legs were still feeling fatigued from 150 wall balls on Friday, so I was a bit skeptical about how the day would go.

If you’re not familiar with the WOD, Cindy is a 20 minute AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats. Again, I didn’t look up last year’s score before heading out. But I had it in my head that 12 rounds was the number to beat. So that was the goal.

Pull ups went well. They weren’t unbroken, but with the exception of the final round, I never came off the bar until all 5 reps were done. That last round I thought I was ready. I jumped up, gripped the bar and tried to kip and nothing happened. It was like my body had totally forgotten the steps involved. I had to drop down. Reset my head and hop back up and go.

Push ups got really tough somewhere around round 8. That caught me off guard. But I started breaking them up according to whatever felt right each round and churned on through.

Air Squats were tough for a couple of rounds. It was probably the third round or so before everything got loose and lubricated and it didn’t hurt to squat anymore.

When time ran out I’d completed 13 full rounds and 5 additional pull ups. I looked later in my old journal and saw that a year ago to the day I’d only completed 11 rounds and 1 additional rep. So that was a VERY satisfying PR.

So here’s what was posted for today at Crossfit Durham

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

I had pretty much decided Sunday night that I was only going to the gym today to do mobility and double under work. When I saw the posted METCON and saw the similarities to Cindy, I knew that mobility and jump rope would be the plan.

My buddy John has initiated a new challenge to accumulate 4000 jump rope reps in the next 21 days. It’s up to the participants whether they want to do doubles or singles.

My intent was to do 200 double unders a day. However, when I got to the gym today I was only able to accumulate 83 double unders and then they were gone. So I tacked on 300 single unders.

This leads me back to the idea of perhaps parsing out the reps into smaller sets rather than trying for max reps every set. I’ll experiment with it tomorrow and see how it goes.

We’re about halfway through this Whole 30 challenge at this point. I don’t miss much, but I do miss the variety of beverages. So freaking tired of drinking nothing but water. I miss milk right now. Last night during the Super Bowl I was perfectly content to dip veggies in guacamole rather than chips. I was happy to wrap Erin’s shredded beef barbecue in lettuce rather than a bun, but damnit I wanted a beer! That was annoying. But, hey. This is self-inflicted and temporary. So I’ll ride it out.

I’ve been looking back at posts from January. It has been a very good month! I am very grateful for that. I’ve had a number of PR’s on benchmark WODs and a some part of that has been improving specific skills or exercises that used to plague me (double unders and toes to bar come to mind). That feels pretty good. But I think there’s a bit more to it than that.

It’s also a testament to where my head is at from a year ago. This time last year our family was dealing with some significant health issues. The result was there was there were just all manner of ‘what if’ sorts of questions lingering around and occupying my mind. At the time I thought I was managing it all reasonably well. I didn’t think it was really getting to me. A year removed with the situation resolved and all of the questions behind us, I can see now how much they were bearing down on me. I can definitely say that right here right now, I have a bounce in my step where a year ago I was just trudging forward. That’s a pretty good feeling to carry. Hope I can hang onto it and ride this wave for a good long while.