Strength: Power Snatch: 3 singles at 95%
I worked up to singles at 155# as prescribed. I missed a rep, hit one rep, missed a second, hit a second and then called it quits. I was kind of surprised to struggle that much at 95%. All the work leading up to those singles felt really good. No big deal though. It was a good effort. Form was consistent from start to finish. Stuff just got heavy fast, I guess.

METCON: Open WOD 12.3
18 minute AMRAP
15 box jumps 24″
12 Push Press (115)
9 Toes 2 Bar

I’ve never done this METCON before. After re-reading the blog from that time period, I now recall why. Open Season 2012 was in my first year of Crossfit and my left wrist was in a sling due to an injury incurred doing heavy cleans. For both of those reasons, I sat that season out.

Today I completed 5 full rounds and 25 additional reps Rx. Pretty darn satisfied with that. Had I attempted this METCON in 2012, I most certainly would have scaled it. I’m guessing I would have scaled the push presses and definitely the toes to bar.

Box jumps felt good today and all but one round went unbroken.

Push presses were surprisingly hard today. My form was sloppy and I think that cost me energy over the long run. The last two rounds I really had to concentrate on keeping my core tight and making a strong dip drive. The first few rounds I was barely flexing my knees and mostly strict pressing. That was a costly mistake.

Toes to Bars felt good today as well. I broke every round into sets. There was no real structure to the sets. One round may be 4 and 5. Another 5 and 4. Another 3, 3, and 3. It seemed to be a matter of grip. If I jumped up and caught the bar well, then I stayed on longer and banged out more reps. If it wasn’t a good catch at the start, then it was shorter sets.

Random Thoughts:

Moving into the last half of this current Whole 30 challenge. Liking the results. My weight is back where I want it going into the Open. My jeans are fitting better again. Things are obviously going well in the gym. So no complaints there.

Tomorrow I’m planning on trying out a Krav Maga class at the gym. This should be interesting. File this under that overall theme of “explore.” I took a couple of semesters of Kempo Karate during college, but haven’t participated in a martial arts class in twenty years. Should be interesting to see how it goes.