I didn’t have a plan for my individual skill session today, so I kind of improvised.

The assigned strength for the day was deadlifts, but I wanted to continue with my theme of explore, so I needed some new work.

I pulled out the boards for the make shift balance beam and elected to tinker around with some of the elements that I didn’t get to last week. Basically where last Thursday I spent the time doing 20 minutes of linear work, today I spent it doing lateral work.

I did multiple passes of lateral walking, lateral squats and lateral low/squat walking. That in combination with some jump rope work left my calves and glutes feeling very tight. Still it was good work and I was pleased with the results all the way around.


3 Rounds for time of:
15 Ring Dips
25 Walking KB Lunges (52/35)
Run 400m
Time cap of 15 minutes

It was about 30 degrees this morning. That made the 400m runs very brisk. Still we haven’t run in a while, so it was kind of welcome.

I nearly Rx’d this METCON. I started doing rx ring dips. Banged out about 11 and realized that I wasn’t going to get all the way through that way. I had a band nearby because I expected I would resort to it eventually. Strung it up and got back to work. I’m not certain, but I think I did extra reps that first round once I strung up the band.

I had the number 11 rattling around in my head because that’s what I had completed so far. But I’m pretty sure that when I started again, something flipped in my head and all of the sudden I thought I needed to complete 11 more reps. But I’m honestly not sure. The second round I did 15 band-assisted unbroken. Final set 12 and 3.

Walking KettleBell Lunges were rugged! First round went unbroken. Second round I paused to regroup, but didn’t set the KB down. Third time around I did put it down for a breather.

Runs were just ok. All runs were over two minutes and got a bit slower each round. That’s not great, but I’m not too concerned.

Random Thoughts

-) Double unders were a bit smoother today. I had a couple of runs of 10 or so during my work there. That’s a nice confidence builder. I would hate to go into the Open with them totally MIA.

-) Not sure if I’m working out or resting on Friday. I’m scheduled to work out. It should be another Open WOD revisit, which I would like to test. However, I’m feeling pretty smoked today and Erin and I are taking part in the mult-wod Valentine’s Day partner competition on Saturday. Now Saturday’s event is strictly for fun. Still I’d rather not go into it feeling dogged. So we’ll see. Friday will be a game time decision I think.