Saturday Erin and I took part in the Crossfit Durham Valentine’s Day Couples Challenge. That was a blast. Had a great time with roughly 20 other teams taking part in two WODs. I think we finished 7th overall in the Male/Female division. More importantly we had a great time laughing and hanging out with friends.

The second workout was particularly entertaining. To start, each individual on the team had to complete 20 burpees at their own pace. Then you went outside and completed a buddy carry that was roughly 200M. Then back inside and the team had to complete air squats and burpees in a 20-15-10-5 rep scheme. The hook was that not only did they have to be synchronized. They were 3-legged exercises. You were banded to your partner on your inside leg! It was highly entertaining. Once the exercises were done you had to untangle yourselves and go back outside for a second 200M buddy carry. This was a great playground WOD and exactly the kind of thing that I like to see in this sort of good-natured competition. It was legitimate exercise with a bit of a twist, but it wasn’t stupid human tricks. Good good stuff!

Worked out Monday too. Not much news there. The METCON was 10-8-6-4-2 Overhead Squats. Rx was 155# for men. That’s about 80% or so of my 1RM and felt too heavy that day, so I scaled to 135. After the OHS, you had to complete 10x the reps of Double Unders, so 100-80-60-40-20. There was a 12 minute cap.

I completed OHS through the round of 6 and 6 additional double unders in the round of 60. So 24 total OHS and 186 DU’s. Not too shabby. I take two things away from this workout. 135# x 24 reps = 3,240 pounds overhead. That’s a fair bit of work. I’m pretty pleased with that. Second, double unders seem to be smoothing out a bit. I was pretty consistently able to hit runs of 5 reps. I’m capable of better, but it’s better than last week when I was doing sets of two and it helps me relax a bit before the Open starts next week.

Haven’t been back to the gym since Monday. We’ve gotten a bit of ice in the area. Just not inclined to get on the roads in the dark right now for a work out. Definitely need to get in some reps of something today.

I should probably just take my jump rope out in the carport and knock out a fair chunk of the 2500 or so reps that I owe my friend John in our 21 day 4000 reps jump rope challenge. We’ll see though. The drive way is a sheet of ice. Not sure I’ve got clearance in the car port to swing a jump rope.

Speaking of John, the Whole 30 Diet Challenge that he initiated and organized for a group of us concluded yesterday. Truth be told, I chose to end mine just a day early. Overall, the experience was excellent. I dropped weight. I feel good. Now I’ve got to maintain some of what I’ve relearned last month.

I’m adjusting to drinking my morning coffee with a splash of half and half, but no sweeteners. So that’s 2 teaspoons full of sugar per mug that I’m not shoveling directly into my system. My intent right now is to reintroduce dairy and keep as much grain/starch out of my system as possible and see how that works. I also intend to really reduce my alcohol/beer consumption. I get the impression that my metabolism just stalls when I drink. I know it’s not true, but there are times where I drink a beer one night and I SWEAR I can see it on my gut the next morning.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not giving up beer entirely. I enjoy it way too much. But I’ve got to cut it back. I also need to remember going forward that snacks need to be a fruit or a vegetable, nothing processed. If I can maintain those things, I think I’ll be in great shape. The next step may be to explore the flexible dieting system. The biggest hang up I can see is that I just don’t know that I’m disciplined enough to measure every element of food that goes in my mouth. I understand that it’s the right way to go about it. Just not sure I have the discipline to do it. I do want to explore it more though.

This whole thirty was an interesting challenge. Last time we did this was in July. The local farmer’s market was in full swing and there were no food-centric events going on. In that respect, it was easier to stay focused. This time around the challenge wrapped around my kids’ birthdays, Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl. It was a bit tougher on an emotional level to stay focused and committed. Pleased to say that I resisted the tempations. Truth be told, I really didn’t miss a chocolate free Valentine’s Day. I think the hardest part was the Super Bowl. That was an event/night where I really wanted a beer! Eating veggies in fresh guacamole was fine. Eating smoked wings was awesome! But I was truly resenting that glass of water all night long!

The other element of this challenge that was different this time was that we actually ate out a couple of times. Back in July, Erin and I ate in for 30 days and were 100% in control of everything that went in our mouths. This time we ate out once with Erin’s parents while they visited for the kids’ birthdays. We also bought wings from Ed Mitchell’s Que for the Super Bowl because they smoke their wings and don’t automatically sauce them.

Now, if I’m realistic, it’s likely that when we ate at Elmo’s Diner the scrambled eggs probably weren’t cooked up in coconut oil. The griddle was likely coated in a non-compliant lubricant. I have no idea if the bacon I ate that night was nitrate/nitrite (I always get those confused) free or whether or not it was cured in sugar. Similarly, the wings from Que had some sort of dry rub on it. I have no idea if there was a sweetener in it. Also, I’m not clear if those wings were fried after they were smoked, or if they’re simply smoked to completion. So was I 100% compliant? I don’t know for certain, probably not.

The bigger take away is that I could go out to eat and make smarter choices. I didn’t cave completely and order the turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy and have a piece of blueberry pie. I found better choices that were presumably nearly compliant. I’m satisfied with that. It’s a lesson that I need to retain as I go forward. If I take the time to look and am mindful of everything else I’ve eaten recently, I can still eat out some times and make reasonable choices.

I head out to Charlotte for my Level 1 Certification class this weekend. I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been reviewing the Trainers Handbook and Training Guide when I can. I’m struggling with whether or not I feel adequately prepared. I guess we’ll find out soon. Lots of thoughts around the Cert and what comes after, but those are separate posts.