Knowing that Open WOD 15.1 will be released Thursday night and that it will be programmed as Friday’s WOD at Crossfit Durham, I’m trying to manage my workouts responsibly this week. I’m trying to push without going too far on anything. It’s an interesting challenge.

Power Snatch
1-1-1-1 @80% 1RM

I worked these pretty much as prescribed.

3 reps at 75#
3 reps at 95#
2 reps at 115#
4 singles at 135#

These went better than I expected which was a pleasant surprise. Working drills with Coach Lindsay with just a 45# bar was no fun. The empty bar just felt SO heavy. It did not inspire confidence.

However, after the first set of 75# snatches, things loosened up and the remaining sets felt good.

10 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Pushups
Time cap of 15 minutes

For such a simple METCON, there sure was a whole lot going on. Perhaps there was just a whole lot going on inside my head. 15 minutes sounded like an awful long time to hammer out that work. It seemed pretty generous. Part of me thought that I’d be able to move at a comfortable constant pace and complete all ten rounds. However, I wasn’t certain that I even had 150 strict push ups in my arms. The most push ups I can remember doing in a single WOD was around 120 in Cindy. But that was a 20 minute work out and 10 rep sets, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nor was I certain I even wanted to try.

There was this thought running around and around in my head saying, “save your strength. One hundred fifty push ups is going to smoke your arms for days.” That’s not a great idea with the Open WOD on Friday.

So with a mind toward Friday, I worked at what felt like a steady but not overly taxing pace. Despite that the early rounds went quickly. I was done with 4 rounds in under 5 minutes. So I had close to half the reps completed in less than one-third of the time allowed. I thought I was cruising.

It was about that time the push ups bogged down. I started breaking up the reps based on what felt right that round. There was no real structure to it.

When Lindsay called time, I had completed 8 full rounds plus 5 additional deadlifts. So I took twice the time to complete the same amount of work. That caught me by surprise as I honestly didn’t believe I let up on the accelerator that much.

Still, I’m content with the end result. I got a good workout in and kept moving but didn’t overload myself. The funky part is I’m not certain I could have completed that METCON Rx in the time allotted. I’m not certain I had 30 more strict push ups in my arms and I’m not sure that I could have dialed the intensity and speed back up to a point where I could have completed all 150 reps of each exercise in 15 minutes. This is one I am filing away for another day to take another run at when I’m not watching WODs later in the week.

My curiosity is definitely piqued to see what kind of WODs Crossfit HQ disseminates this year. My intent is to perform all WODs Rx. I fully expect that there may be individual movements like Muscle Ups, or Pistols, etc that may be beyond me. I’m ok knowing that my scores/placements will reflect those deficiencies accordingly. But we’ll see.

I should probably amend my commitment there. I always say, ‘be flexible and expect change.’ If a METCON has a single element that’s beyond me like last year’s Wall Balls, Double Unders and Muscle Ups, then I’ll likely do that WOD Rx knowing the Muscle Ups are out of my league. If they publish a prescribed WOD that’s nothing but goats (muscle ups, pistols and hand stand pushups) and is completely beyond me, then I’m likely going to run the scaled version. We’ll just play it by ear.