This week has been one of those weeks that makes me appreciate just how much Crossfit has brought back to my life.

Thursday our area received about 8 inches of heavy snow. Everything was shut down, including the gym. Need a workout? No problem.

Erin and I shoveled our driveway and headed to my parents. When we arrived we helped finish shoveling their drive. By the time that day was over, we’d shoveled three other neighbors’ drives and spent 2 hours trudging up and down the 15th hole of their local golf course sledding with the kids. When the day was over, I was exhausted, but my body felt fine. I also had the good fortune to spend a day with a good friend downhill skiing in VA and the runs felt fantastic.

I’ve been skiing just a couple of times since I’ve gotten back in shape. This was the second time I’ve been out without the kids and could truly test my abilities. I’m very satisfied with the results. We hit every run on the mountain, from the easiest to the most expert. My technique is rusty given I haven’t done much skiing at all since leaving Colorado in 97, but the body was healthy and willing. God, that’s a great feeling.

Friday our box ran Open WOD 15.1. It’s a two part event.

Part One was
9 min AMRAP
15 Toes 2 Bars
10 Deadlifts (115#)
5 Snatches (115#)

I scored 3 full rounds plus 8 additional reps. I’m satisfied with that. I might have been able to eak out a few more reps, but knowing that there was more work to come, I’m comfortable with those results.

Part 1a was:
6 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.

I successfully put up 197.5. I attempted more. I’m not really sure how much more because there was roughly a minute and a half left and I just slapped on plates figuring, “Just lift it. It’s more than the last one. If you get it, great. We’ll add it up after the fact.” I made two attempts but could barely clear my knees.

I had told multiple folks that my goal on the day was more than three rounds on part one and a clean and jerk of 185#. So I’m very pleased with the results. That clean and jerk is a 2.5# PR. Can not be disappointed with that.

Today I went to the gym to take part in a Sunday morning muscle up class. That was pretty cool. I can’t do a muscle up yet. I need serious work on my chest to bar pull ups, but I really enjoyed going through the progressions. I surprised myself with what I was capable of doing, so that’s cool.

After the class, I hung around to cheer a friend on as she completed 15.1 and 15.1a. While she was working I started eyeing up the sled at the back of the gym. I just had a hankering to see how much weight I could push. There was 185# on the sled to start. I pushed that across the gym and back and then through on 90 more pounds. About that time a friend Chip asked if he could join in. We each took a turn and then another friend, Phil joined in. We had a great time just adding plates and taking turns pushing the sled while simultaneously cheering Erin on through her WOD.

We went up and back numerous times, trading turns, urging each other on and finally maxxed out. It was spectaular fun. It was just one of those spontaneous moments of, “What the hell? Let’s see what we can do.” It was only once we were done that we started adding up the plates.

We had four 45# plates and two 25# plates stacked on each side of the sled. We were pretty tickled with ourselves when we realized we’d amassed 460# on the sled. When Dave informed us that the sled itself weighs roughly 75# and we came up with a total of 535#, I about danced a jig! I had no clue that it was that much weight.

I was reflecting on it later. Had I taken the time to add the weights up each round, I’m confident that I would have psyched myself out and been unable to push it.

Since then we’ve had all manner of conversation online about what’s next. Sled pulls using battle ropes, sled drags with straps/harnesses. Phil wants to run sprints with those personal parachutes. I think he’s nuts and I told him so. I still have plenty of drag when I run. I don’t need more. 😉

Still, we’ll see. The whole experience with the sled today was the perfect embodiment of my concept of Crossfit being recess for grown ups. And I had a blast with it!

The other highlight this week is that I finally received confirmation that I passed the Level 1 Cert course last week which means I can begin coaching! I am very excited about this prospect. I’m really looking forward to getting more involved around the gym and sharing my excitement for all of this beyond the 6:15 Crossfit crew.

Yes, it definitely has been a very good Crossfit week.