This picture is framed in the front hallway to our home.


May 2006

It hangs in what I lovingly refer to as the Rogue’s Gallery. It’s that spot in the house where all the treasured portraits of family near and far, here and departed all hang.

Nobody uses that door much. Most folks naturally take the shortest path from the driveway to the backdoor in the carport. So no one sees it often. While very few guests ever see that picture, I visit it often.

I love that picture because of what it represents at that point in time. Still, it makes me cringe.

Here’s a snapshot from today before Whirlwind and embarked on the Florence Forth run.


Mar 2015 – Florence Forth Run with my favorite running partner

It’s fair to say we all have grown over the years, no? Thank you Whirlwind and Lil Bit for inspiring me to be better. Thank you, Erin, for waiting for me to find my path to healthy.

I can’t wait to see where the roads lead from here.