Last week was pretty fantastic as well as frantic. So there hasn’t been much opportunity to record workouts. Let’s see if I can regroup and capture them here.

Friday, Open WOD 15.2

So this workout is a revisit of last year’s second Open WOD 14.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

From 0:00-3:00
2 rounds of:
10 overhead squats
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00
2 rounds of:
12 overhead squats
12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

If you complete the assigned work in the three minute interval, then increase both exercises by two reps for the next 3 minute interval. Continue on in this pattern until you can no longer complete the work assigned in that interval.

This WOD CRUSHED me physically and emotionally last year. I completed 37 reps, never making it out of the first internal. I sulked around the gym and home for days afterwards. This year went much better.

I completed 71 reps nearly doubling my score. It was very, very satisfying.

Because of various scheduling conflicts I did this workout on Friday night instead of Friday morning. Here are a couple of thoughts why working out in the mornings is still the option for me.

1) PARKING – Crossfit Durham has the great fortune to be located in a very popular part of downtown. There are several restaurants/bars around. At 6:30 on a pleasant Friday night, I ended up parked several blocks away! Not a big deal, I know. But at 6am, parking is NEVER an issue. It seems it’s something that I take for granted now, because I was pretty put out for a while there. My problem, I know. Get over it.

2) Restaurants/Bars are open! So I PR’d that WOD. What did I do? Headed straight to the nearby craft beer shop, enjoyed a celebratory draft and then took home far more beer than was strictly necessary for the week ahead. That never happens at 6am. If I was working out consistently in the evenings, I’m still not certain I have the self-control to resist all the fantastic culinary opportunities in the neighborhood.

Saturday, 10K Run
So Saturday, The Boy and I took part in a local run. Originally, we registered for the 10K together. But as race day got closer The Boy chose to transfer his registration to the 5K in order to run with some of his 4th and 5th grade classmates. I chose to let him have some independence with his friends so I took on the 10K solo.

I finished in 1:02. Not too bad considering the workout the night before and the 21 hours of work travel on Thursday.

It was the 5th mile that got me. At the 2 mile mark a volunteer time keeper called out 20 minutes as I passed. At the 3 mile mark it was 29 minutes. I thought, “Sweet, I’m making up time!” At the 4 mile mark, the volunteer called out 38 minutes and some change! I thought, “Nice. I’m still tracking.”

The fifth mile was a long slow grind of an incline and somewhere early in that mile every muscle from my navel to my knees seized! From that point on through to the finish line it was just a slog to get through. I would walk some, jog some, shuffle some, repeat. It wasn’t pretty, but I finished, so I’m good with it. That’s the longest run that I’ve completed to date. I don’t know that I feel like I have to do any longer ones. Some folks who know me are going to say, “But Paul, you’ve done a Tough Mudder. That’s 10 or more miles.” I’m not counting that as those obstacle courses are broken up. This is the longest strict run that I’ve completed. It was cool to do. I’ll likely do this event again, but I don’t have any compulsion or desire to see if I could run farther. There’s no part of me at the moment wondering if I could do a half-marathon or anything like that.

So, if you’re following along at home, that’s two months of Physical events completed as planned in my New Year’s resolutions.  February was the Level 1 Cert. The Florence Forth 10K takes care of March. I probably should count the Crossfit Open as well, but that’s a bit of a weird category. I would be doing the workouts on Friday mornings regardless of whether I was registered or not. So I’m not sure I’m putting the Open in that bucket. Now on to April and the Festivus Games.

Looking forward to starting the CFD Competition Workout class this week and then getting together with fellow registered athletes over the next few weeks to practice some of the posted WODs. I’ll let you know how things go.