True story: I’m in the check out line at the grocery store buying some embarrassingly  non-clean food items for lunch. I’m dressed in cargo shorts, my innov8 sneaks and a t-shirt that says, “Attack Life: It’s Going to Kill you Anyway.”

The woman bagging my groceries asks me, “what’s your sport?”

I was confused. I asked back, “my sport?”

She answers, “Yeah, I saw your t-shirt. Wait. Let me guess, Crossfit?”

My first reaction was to run through this mental checklist: “Wait?What? Did I shower this morning? Am I still wearing my workout clothes?” I also tried to subtly sniff my arm pits. Once I was sure that I was clean and redressed, I chuckled and answered: “Well, yeah. But how’d you guess?”

She said, “Dunno, just a vibe.”

So then I slipped into ambassador mode. “Have you tried it?”

“Not yet. I’m not sure I’m ready for Crossfit.”

I told her, “Four years ago when I started, I didn’t think I was ready either. Just remember, ‘everything scales.’ What I mean is for every exercise that a coach wants you to do, there’s a substitution that will fit your ability and it’s’ the coach’s job to help you find it.” I told her where I work out and invited her to check out the free weekend community classes.

By that time my transaction was complete, so we said our good-byes and I was on my way.

The whole exchange resonated with me and just tickled me.

I know that anyone who knows me directly, either in person or on social media, knows I’m a crossfit junkie. Somehow though to have a random stranger see me and place me in that category just amuses and pleases me.

Did my wardrobe give her some clues? Possibly. Was it more likely just random and a lucky guess? Of course. Did it make my day? You betcha.