So I haven’t written about a WOD since 15.2? Not going to try and cover all of them. I’ll just stick to those in the last 72 hours.

Here are the things that are on my mind of late that seem more important.

I’m shadowing one of the Crossfit Durham coaches in the 6:15 Bootcamp class. The intent is that come the last Friday in March, I’ll take over the Friday sessions. It’s been cool getting to know these athletes.

My role so far has mostly been one of observer and work out participant. I’m basically getting familiar with the group. They are also getting to know me.

I’m also reacquainting myself with bootcamp workouts. I’ve been doing the workouts alongside the athletes while Chad leads the sessions, stepping out from time to time to make a spot correction or assist somewhere. Doing these workouts has been a great reminder just how effective they can be.

I am looking forward to all of the experience and responsibility that will come with coaching. I have found, as just about anyone who takes on the mantle of coach must, that it’s impacted my training schedule and therefore I’ve had to make some adjustments. That’s fine. It’s part of the deal. It just means I’ve had to make some adjustments.

Since I’m involved with the Monday/Wednesday bootcamps that leaves Tuesday and Thursdays and Fridays to get my workouts.

I’ve temporarily set aside my practice of exploring new movements, techniques, activities during the strength segment of the workout. Since I only get to hang out with my gang on those days, I feel like I want to be fully engaged with them. So I’m following the full gym programming again. At least for now.

That gets us to FRIDAYS! For the remainder of the month, we’ll continue doing the Crossfit Open WODs on Fridays. That’s one more chance to synch up with the 6:15 crew and have some fun.

Guess that’s as good a work out as any to recount.

Friday, 3/13
Open WOD 15.3
AMRAP 14 minutes
RX 7 MU’s
50 Wall Balls
100 Double Unders

I have no muscle ups. I’m not even in a place where it was practical to think I might land my first muscle up, so I deferred to the scaled WOD which was:
AMRAP 14 minutes
50 wall balls – to a 9′ target.
200 single unders.

A lot of folks have a lot of heart burn with this workout. The general beef goes, “the RX is so far beyond the average crossfitter that it’s a joke to call the Open an event for everyone.” Some folks were upset that the scaled version was somehow TOO scaled because it lacked a muscle up substitution and that was somehow insulting.

I’m not going to debate it. I’m not going to discount those people’s feelings either. I remember I had the exact same thoughts during last year’s open. I said the same words. Not certain I ever published them here, but I felt them. So I get where people are coming from. I had a much different mindset this year.

I looked at the Rx WOD and said, “Nope. That’s out of my league.” Then I looked at the scaled WOD and said to myself, “No muscle up substitution? Sweet. Wait. They’re going to let me shoot wall balls to a nine foot target instead of ten? Awesome. Single unders? Let’s do it!”

Friday morning I pulled off 3 full rounds and 8 additional wall balls (758 total reps). I was very satisfied with that.

A couple of friends outscored me by a couple of reps. We all shared some good-natured ribbing online. They think I’m joking about repeating this WOD during an Open Gym time some dayand all going head to head in a face off to see how we all score then. I would love to do it. I think we’d have a blast and push each other all to even higher scores!

Festivus Games
The rest of my workout focus right now is on the upcoming Festivus Games in mid-April.

Erin and I took part in Crossfit Durham’s Competition WOD class on Friday night. Yes, that’s right. I was back at the gym for more work only 13 hours after completing 15.3!

Ponder that for a moment. Four years ago, I was a guy who guzzled two liters of Coke a day and regularly put down two fast food value meals for lunch a couple days a week. Now I’m a guy who does two a day workout sessions?! I think it’s fair to call that a paradigm shift, right?

Coach Tripp put Erin, Tony (who had JUST completed 15.3 Rx) and I through a tough combination of WODs.

The first was a 12 minute AMPRAP
3 Thrusters at 50% of 1RM Front Squat
10 Box Jumps 24/20.

11 rounds! I was thrilled. The thrusters were miserable, even though there were only three in a round.

After a short rest, we set up and tackled the first WOD for the upcoming Festivus Games.

10 minute Cap
Row 1000M
50 wall balls 20#/10ft target

Another 50 wall balls? I was not excited for this WOD and mentally I was completely prepared to let myself off the hook, if I failed to finish.

Tripp asked me what I thought I could do. I told him a fourish minute row and fourish minutes for the wall balls and I was expecting a 9 minute WOD.

Imagine our collective surprise when I finished in 6:35?! I was very, very pleased. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with this WOD on fresh legs.

Sunday, 3/15.
I met my friend John Hite over at Bull City Crossfit and we worked through the remaining TWO WODs for the Festivus Games.

With a running clock:
0-2:00: Max Front Squats in 2 Minutes (135/95)
2:01-3:59: Rest
4:00-10:00: AMRAP 6 Minutes
6 Power Clean (135/95)
6 Bar Over Burpees

There are two scores for this WOD the front squats in the first two minutes, then total reps in the second METCON.

I pulled off 24 front squats. Not thrilled with that. Thirty is my goal for that portion.

For the second METCON I pulled off 4 rounds 8 reps. My goal is to clear 5 full rounds next time out.

The thing that I need to get in my head is that it’s only 6 minutes. There should be no resting at all. I was bit too conservative today. But now that I appreciate how this one feels. I can do better.

I’m not upset with my scores. I simply feel that now that I’ve gotten a feel for how they feel, I can make those scores better.

5 minute AMRAP
5 push press (115)
15 box jumps (20″)

I got through exactly 5 rounds on this one. I don’t know that there was a whole lot that I could have done better/faster. All presses were unbroken. All box jumps (some rounds step ups) were unbroken with no missed reps and a reasonably fast cycle. With a bit of crowd adrenaline I might get a few more reps on this one, but I honestly don’t know that it could be that much faster.

Rest 1 minute

1 minute max rep double unders. I pulled off 42 reps here. I ran off a first run of 25 reps! That’s the longest run I’ve had in a long time and it felt great. Of course, it then took me four sets to get from 25-31. Then I hit some 5-ish runs to close it out.

Double unders are what they are. I just have to accept them, give them my best effort and go for it. I won’t stress about those.

Overall I’m very pleased to have worked these WODs and I look forward to repeating/practicing them again both in CFD and at boxes around the area with other friends.

I love the fact that Crossfit Durham’s owner has embraced the fact that a number of us are taking part in this competition and therefore he’s programming the known WODs into the gym’s schedule so we all have an opportunity to practice them. That’s very cool! I for one really appreciate it.

It also was very cool to work with John over at Bull City Crossfit today and see him throw down. He’s about to have himself one hell of a competition! I’m going to be excited to watch it.

I talked earlier about how my attitude has changed around the Open year over year. My attitude about practicing competition WODs has changed in a similar fashion. A year ago when I was taking part in some competitions, I wanted to know the WODs in advance, simply to have the confidence that the events would be comprised of exercises and weights that I could manage. I was nervous about running into an Open style WOD with say pistols and muscle ups where I’d stand around and watch everyone else compete. But I didn’t want to practice the WODs.

I was embracing an idea that Crossfit trains you to prepare for the unknown and unknowable and somehow going into the WODs without practice was truer to the Crossfit spirit. I still respect that mindset for others. But for me, this year, it once again falls into that category of “I’m taking what they’ll give me.” The WODs have been published in advance. I’m taking advantage of that to practice and try to eliminate any nasty surprises.

I look at it this way. In any other sport, you run simulated games. You scrimmage against your own teammates or have friendly scrimmages against other teams outside of the regular season schedule. You do it in order to simulate the game time experience.

Practicing these WODs is the same thing. The event coordinators have not announced the final WOD of the day. They will do so once the other three events are done. If I’m fortunate enough to be in a position to take part, then great. That’s where I’ll get my chance to demonstrate my ability to compete against the unknown and unknowable. Until then, I’m taking everything they’ll give me.