This has been a very productive past few days. While practice might not yet make perfect, it does help instill some confidence!

Monday I worked out with the 6:15 bootcamp crew while assistant coaching. I took part in both METCONs and then immediately jumped over to the Crossfit class to take part in their METCON because Festivus WOD 2 was scheduled.

I wasn’t crazy excited about reworking the WOD less than 24 hours since the last attempt, but I figured, “Hey. It’s a chance to experiement. So go for it.”

With a running clock:
0-2:00: Max Front Squats in 2 Minutes (135/95)
2:01-3:59: Rest
4:00-10:00: AMRAP 6 Minutes
6 Power Clean (135/95)
6 Bar Over Burpees

On Sunday, my strategy for the front squats was to push the first set as far as I could then adjust subsequent sets on the fly. I think I got 15 the first round, then did 5 and 4 for a final of 24 reps.

Monday, I tried to budget my energy I worked in sets of 8 hoping it would carry me farther. No luck. Same 24 reps. Not tickled with that. Not overly disappointed. I’m hoping for some game day adrenaline to help me get to the 30 rep mark. I also have some time to monkey with this further and work out what it will take to accomplish that.

Sunday, I pulled off 4 rounds and 8 reps of the 6 minute AMRAP. My goal was to clear 5 rounds on Monday. I completed exactly 5 rounds. Really not certain that there’s anything I can do there except “go faster.” The over the bar burpees are just a time/energy suck for me. There’s no working around that.

I’m looking forward to tweaking a few things here and there on both of these WODs to try and improve my score. We’ll see how it goes.

One of the most important things I learned in the past few days was, “I’M EXHAUSTED!” I had every intention of working out Tuesday. Turkish get ups were scheduled. So were movnat situps. It was a real playground WOD. But I woke up and just felt punished. So, back to bed for an unscheduled day of rest.

Today, Wednesday, WOD 3 was programmed for the METCON. I was again assisting with bootcamp and had to sneak away in the last few minutes of their workout, but jumped in with the main group for this one:

5 minute AMRAP
5 push press (115)
15 box jumps (20″)

Rest 1 minute

1 Minute Max rep Double Unders.

Sunday I completed exactly 5 rounds. My only goal today was to exceed that. The only adjustment I made to technique was in the box jumps.

Sunday I kind of alternated round by round between box jumps and step ups. Today I did the first round as box jumps, then did all subsequent rounds as step ups. I completed 5 rounds and 9 reps. So a nice little improvement there. Not sure I can attribute it all to strategy, but I’ll take it. Between now and the competition, I plan on running this as all box jumps and seeing if that’s faster or not. It may be an audacious goal, but I would love to crack 6 rounds on this WOD. To run this at a pace that’s considerably better than a round per minute would be exceptional for me.

Sunday I completed 42 double unders. Today only 22! Not thrilled with that. Double unders weren’t there. I don’t believe it was a matter of fatigue or settling down. My rhythms were just off today. They are definitely going to be my personal x-factor on the day of the competition. I’m either going to blaze through them for a minute and shatter any old personal records…or I might hog tie myself. It could go either way and I don’t anticipate there’s much middle ground.

With a month to go until the competition and more practice sessions scheduled between the CFD competition classes and some informal side training sessions one thing is certain. I will not be able to say that I was unprepared for Festivus.

Part of the fun of this training has been the response from friends around the gym and across the other gyms where I know folks that are competing. It has been spectacular to share stories, experiences, tips and thoughts as we prepare. I’m really enjoying being the rabbit for other people to chase (and they repeatedly run me down!) as we get set for game day!