Nail a WOD one day. The next day the WOD nails you. It’s just life in the box and it’s all good.

Thursday, Mar 19

Strength: Snatch 1 rep max

My primary goal today was form. Yes, it’s always supposed to be form first. Some days though, I just grip it and rip it chasing that last pound or two. Today I was totally committed to form.

That meant I worked up to a single at 145#, about 20# short of my all time 1RM. These were supposed to be full squat snatches, so catch the bar as low as possible. That seemed to be my biggest challenge on the morning.

The last rep, I still wasn’t completely satisfied with my depth. However, Coach Lindsay said it looked very good. My friend Griff said that it looked elegant. Pretty sure that’s the first time anyone used that adjective to describe one of my lifts. So I’ll qualify that as ‘goal achieved.’

METCON: Festivus WOD 1
For Time
Row 1000M
50 Wall Balls 20# ball to 10ft target
10 minute cap

Two scores: time for Row and time to completion.

This WOD seems to suit me. I am in no way an elite rower, but I do consider myself competitive.

We practiced this WOD with Coach Tripp last Friday. It was my third METCON on the day and I scored a 6:35.

My goal for Thursday was to finish under 6. That seemed aggressive, but possible.

Rowing went very well. I was off the rower in less than 3:40. Not sure of precise instant the counter turned over to 1000.

Wall balls were done in sets of 20-15-15. I no-repped myself at least twice. Once for an air ball missing the target. Once because I wasn’t convinced I squatted deeply enough.

Finished the METCON at 5:52! That’s a 43 second improvement! Very pleased with that. Now the trick will be refining it to see if I can get under 5:45.

Friday, March 20

Open WOD 15.4
As prescribed the work out was:
3 Handstand Push Ups
3 Cleans at 185#

3 clean

3 clean

6 clean

advancing forward as you can with an 8 minute cap.

Looking at this WOD Thursday night. I got excited. I think I’ve pulled off one HSPU in the past year. But I’ve monkeyed with them here and there and I feel like I’m on the cusp of having them. I elected to do today’s WOD Rx hoping to have one of those classic Crossfit moments. I was hoping to be able to announce to the world “Hey, got my first HSPU’s in the Open today.”

My goal was to get 6 good reps and then any additional HSPU’s in the round of 6 would be gravy. Alas, No storybook ending today.

My technique is still too erratic. Under the pressure of the running clock I wasn’t able to stay calm and work out the kinks. The biggest flaw in my kipping is that I kick out and up drawing myself way from vertical and the wall. The other flaw is that I still arch my neck backward when I kip.

That’s a painful lesson to relearn when you smack the back of your skull against the base molding on the wall. Trust me. That’s a mistake you only make once each training session. And it’s still better than the last time I made that mistake. Couple of months ago when I craned my neck that way I hit the concrete wall itself. So this was an improvement.

I don’t know how many attempts I made. Some were just off. Some were just awful. That was part of the problem. I really struggled to manage my emotions. I went from, “Damn! That was SO close! Stay focused and get this next one,” to “Damn! That was horrible! What were you thinking?! Why did you think you could do this?”

Somewhere around the 6 minute mark, even though I was still attempting reps, in my head I had given up. I was making attempts, but in my head I was running through the family calendar for the weekend trying to determine when I could get back to the gym to attempt the scaled version of the WOD.

I admit. I came home from the gym in a funk. Let’s be honest. No one likes to work hard and come away from a competition scoreless! That just sucks. I was also beating myself up some about how it seemed I really overestimated my ability. But now that I’ve had a chance to reflect I’m ok with it.

The things I take away from it:

1) I’m pleased for challenging myself and making the attempt. Way too often I default to the scale version of any given WOD. Today I chose the harder path. That’s a small victory.

2) The 185# cleans weren’t intimidating at all. Going back to point 1, A couple of months ago I never would have attempted those. Too damn heavy. Today, I slapped on weights and hammered out a couple quick warm up reps without issue or trepidation. I’m not telling you I was going to do dozens of those, but I could have done a half dozen if necessary. So that’s a positive.

3) I need to record some HSPU’s look at the tape and get more practice.

Random Thoughts and Rumblings

Looking forward to going back to the gym tonight for competition class and practicing a bit more for Festivus. Curious to see what Coach Tripp has in store for us today.

I’m also looking forward to visiting Crossfit Renowned on Sunday and doing some more Festivus practice there. Although, I may sub out one of the Festivus WODs for the scaled version of 15.4 so that I can record a score for that.