3 METCONs performed 3 times across 10 days. It’s fair to say I’m getting familiar with these Festivus Games WODS.

I’ve executed each WOD individually as well as in combination with other Festivus WODs, and other WODs not associated with Festivus. Yesterday, a friend and I did all THREE WODs, but first I took a run at the scaled version of 15.4.

So Friday I attempted Open 15.4 Rx, but failed to execute any handstand push ups, so I had no score on the day. Sunday, I performed the scaled version.

8 minutes
As Many Reps as Possible
10 push press at 95#
10 cleans at 115#

Based on some scores that friends had posted late last week, my target was 100 reps. I pulled off 117! Very satisfied with that.

It was funky how quickly I went from cruising to struggling. One moment it felt like I was just banging out rep after rep. The next moment I was all slogged down. There didn’t seem to be any transition period where I thought, “hmm, things are getting tougher now, maybe I should back off or break up sets.” It was just a slam into that invisible wall.

After some rest, my friend Stormy and I got into the Festivus WODs.

Row 1K
50 Wall Balls 20# to a 10ft target.
10 minute cap

Completed in 6:30 today. That’s not my slowest time. It’s not my best. Considering I’d just finished 15.4 about 20 minutes earlier, I’m good with it.

I came off the rower and moved to the wall ball station walking like a cowboy who had been in the saddle too long. It was kind of goofy.

Max Rep Front Squats @ 135#
2:01-3:59 Rest
6 power cleans @ 135#
6 over the bar burpees

I hit 26 squats and 5 rounds + 2 reps on the AMRAP. Those are both new bests for that WOD. Given it was the third workout of the morning, I’m very pleased. I learned a few things that I’ve got to remember and apply on game day and I think I can take both of those scores just a few reps higher.

AMRAP 5 minutes
5 push press @ 115#
15 box jumps @ 20″

Rest 1 minute

1 minute max reps double unders.

I scored 5 rounds and 5 reps on the AMRAP and 45 double unders. The AMRAP score is right in the middle of my other two scores. The double unders is a new personal high. Feeling good about that.

I’m feeling pretty comfortable and confident in my abilities in these workouts. I believe I can rachet up each workout just a bit higher on game day without compromising any of the other workouts or hurting myself. I still have a couple of questions on techniques and strategies that I want to tinker with over the next few weekends. So I am going to continue to practice. But by and large those are just refinements. I feel like I’ve got the fundamental information I need to do these workouts effectively. I haven’t identified any game changing modifiers through these three practice rounds.

The general plan over the next few weeks is to work hard at my regular WODs to try and increase work capacity while not getting hurt.

Beyond what I’ve learned about my own performance, what I’m really enjoying in preparing for the competition is the time spent with my friends who are also competing. Spending two hours with Stormy challenging each other and talking over ideas and approaches was very cool. The past few weeks preparing for the competition has me spending time and interacting with friends beyond my regular 6:15 crew and that’s been awesome.

I look forward to experiencing the day with friends. It will be a first competition for my wife Erin, and my friends John and Mike. I’m eager to see how they enjoy the experience. Regardless of the scores, barring some sort of catastrophic situation, when Festivus has come and gone in mid-April I will consider it time well spent and a victory.