So let’s see what’s gone on in the gym since I last posted?

Friday, 3/27
Open WOD 15.5
Row for Calories
Thrusters 95#

I was DREADING this workout all day. I coached the 6:15 am bootcamp at Crossfit Durham, so I wasn’t able to get back to the gym until 6:30pm for my crack at this WOD.

All of the Facebook posts aobut how miserable it was were getting inside my head. Still, there were lessons to be learned and applied in hearing what did and didn’t work for other folks.

Based on what others shared, I was looking to complete the METCON in less than 15 minutes.

Rows all went very well. I’m pretty sure that in each instance it took me two strokes more than the calories required to complete the work. All of that was done at a pace around 24-ish strokes per minute. That’s pretty efficient for me.

Thrusters were, as expected, pretty nasty. My wife was right. The first five coming off the rower after the 27 cal row were the absolute worst. The muscles were just all wrong. Once I got through those things smoothed out. For the most part, I did sets of five. I improvised the ends of the rounds to finish off as needed.

I completed the METCON in 12 minutes flat! I was very surprised and very pleased with this.

I’m pretty pleased with how the Open season went for me. I’ll put those thoughts down in a later post. Suffice it to say, I’m glad I took part and I’m satisfied with the effort and the results.

Sunday, March 29
Festivus WODs

A few of us got together to re-work the Festivus WODs from start to finish. It was a very cool training session. Very proud of the effort that everyone put in.

For me, I did OK.

WOD 1 – The row and Wall Balls – I came in a little over six minutes. Not my best time, not my worst. Given the experience of 15.5 a few days earlier, I have no complaints. The goal for game day remains: 5:45. I’ve been close. I think I can get it.

WOD 2 – I got 27 front squats, that’s a new best by one. I improved my AMRAP score by one rep. That will do. I want 30 front squats the day of the competition. I’m pretty satisfied with the AMRAP.

WOD 3 – I hit 10 additional reps on the AMRAP. Didn’t expect that. Didn’t do anything significantly different either. The only x-factor on Sunday was that I ran the heat side by side with my friend Mike who’s also entered as an intermediate athlete. I think having that extra motivation pushed me a bit further.

Double Unders were just ok. I think I hit 30-ish reps. I’ve hit better than 40 before. My goal for the day of competition is 50 reps

I’ve been through all three WODs, either individually or in some combination, four times each. Crossfit Durham will be programming the WODs as METCONs again the week of April 6. That will be five times through.

I will do those and my goals on those days will simply be to make them all out sprints. But after that, I don’t think I’ll work the WODs again. How does that Paul Simon song go, “I know what I know.” I don’t think there’s too much more to be gained in reworking them again and again. I’ve experimented with different rep schemes, etc. I feel like I have a fair grip on my ability and what techniques/strategies are going to work best for me.

I’m taking Easter weeekend off from the gym completely. If folks are interested, I may lead a training session on Sunday, April 12. I won’t work the WODs myself. I’ll conduct any and all of the WODs and judge/count for folks, but once we run through them again next week in class, I think I’m just going to do what ever comes up on the Crossfit Durham website and roll with it.

I’m definitely looking forward to the competition and seeing how everyone does! We’ve got a great group of folks signed up, many competing outside of CFD for the first time. Should be interesting to see how they enjoy the experience.