So much going on lately. Just hasn’t been much time to write. I got three workouts in since I last posted. Really not much to note there, so I’m saving the time and space.

I’ve had the chance to coach a handful of bootcamp sessions now and it’s been very cool. Coaching is proving to be all that I’d hoped it would be and more.

Right now, I’m trying to keep things simple for me and the athletes.

The three criteria I’m using to judge each session are:

1) Did everyone walk away healthy (ie: uninjured)?
2) Did everyone walk away sweaty?
3) Did everyone walk away smiling?

If the answer to all three of those questions is ‘yes’, then that was a good session. So far, so good. Even noticed that one of the regular 6:15 bootcampers accepted my invitation to embrace ‘funky shorts Friday!’ That was so cool! Now we’ll have to see if we can get it to spread! ūüėČ

At the same time, I’ve learned something every time out. Most of the time it’s been a “wish I’d done that differently. Remember that for next time” moment. Other times it’s been a logistics thing “always wear a watch for when your phone battery dies in the middle of a METCON.” Lessons are important, right? That’s how we get better, right?

One thing I’d like to work out is a standarized warm up routine. I’ve been improvising those each day based on the WOD, which is not a bad plan, in theory. My logic has been, make the warm up support the movements in the WODs. Somehow though, I don’t always feel I’ve given them enough forethought. Just need to be more cognizant of that.

On Saturday, I’m filling in and coaching the free community WOD. I’m really excited about that session! Definitely looking forward to it. I’ve taken a stab at programming that workout and run it by the regular coach and the gym owner. They gave me some great direction on how to modify what I had in mind. Definitely appreciate that.

I’m also drafting out a first attempt at programming a week of bootcamp WODs. It’s harder than I anticipated. The primary thing I’m wrestling with is wanting to incorporate some new movements to add some variety against the logistics of needing time to instruct those new things. I don’t want to build something that eats up too much time demonstrating unfamiliar moves. We’ll see. I’m lucky. Right now, I’m not directly responsible for programming, but I want to get involved eventually. So this is a good first exercise.

Beyond coaching, I’m looking ahead to the Festivus Games on the 18th. This is going to be a lot of fun! We’re working the WODs one more time at Crossfit Durham this week. We did WOD 1 on Monday. I came in under 6 minutes, but barely I was lazy about eating¬†over the Easter weekend. So, I have no complaints about my score, but I know I can do better. I’m also planning on conducting another practice session next Sunday for anyone that wants one last round of practice. I’m not planning to work the WODs, but I’m glad to count/judge for anyone who wants one more crack at them. After Sunday, the tricky part will be figuring out my workout schedule for the following week. More accurately, it will be remembering to scale appropriately so I don’t do anything goofy and wear myself out before the 18th.

Random Story

I received this very cool coaches T-shirt. I’m ridiculously proud of that shirt with the CFD logo on the front and the word “Coach” across the back. It’s borderline silly how excited I was to wear it last Friday. However, it’s made me self-conscious. (It’s like when I was back in the Army!) ¬†I wore the shirt to coach¬†bootcamp. Afterward, I was headed to the Red Cross to donate blood, but I had time between and needed some breakfast. Normally, a trip to the Red Cross is an excuse to raid¬†Harris Teeter or Monuts on Ninth Street for a doughnut as reward for doing my good deed and donating.

I was trekking across the grocery store parking lot when I thought about the¬†shirt I was wearing. I thought, “well, CRAP! I can’t go raid the doughnut case wearing this, now can I?! What kind of message would that send?” So I grabbed a couple of bananas. But don’t kid yourself! I got my doughnut later in the day. I just made sure I was dressed in ‘civilian attire.’ ūüėČ