So today’s workout was about testing a theory and making a strategy for next week’s Festivus Games.

Strength: Power Cleans

Work up to 4 singles at 75% of 1RM. Worked up to 4 ok cleans at 175#. I need to remember that I can squat some during power cleans. I was yanking that bar WAY up high and barely dropping to get under it.

Festivus WOD 3
5 min AMRAP
5 push press 115#
15 box jumps 20″

Rest 1 Minute

1 Minute Double Unders

Push presses at this weight within this 5 minute cap are not really an issue. I can snap off those reps unbroken pretty quickly. The key for me is the box jumps. So I wanted to know how the METCON would go if I did box jumps from start to finish.

Step ups are allowed for the competition and I’ve tested mixing box jumps and step ups. I’ve also tested using step ups exclusively. Today I wanted to confirm what I suspected, that box jumps only was NOT the way I wanted to execute this on game day.

My goal for this METCON is to complete 6 full rounds on the day of the competition. I’ve been close before, but haven’t yet cracked that mark.

The first round went FAST! Like 50 seconds fast. I started to think “maybe I’m wrong. Maybe box jumps will pay off.” The second round wasn’t as fast, but I was still done in less than 2 minutes. Then I hit the third round and the jumps just became a total grind.

Coach Doug and I had spoke before the start. He knew my strategy and goal. After the 4th round, he looked at the clock and instructed me to go to step ups and ‘just go!’ So I did. When time expired, I had only completed 5 full rounds.

Not my best performance, well short of my goal, but now I know with confidence that my best opportunity to hit that 6 round goal is to go with step ups all the way through. That’s good information to have.

As for double unders, I tied my personal best for this WOD at 45 reps. I got 29 on the first run. That’s the longest run I’ve had in a while. I struggled to get the next 6 reps. It required multiple starts/restarts. Then I took a moment to really settle my brain and ran off 10 more reps to hit 45 total as time expired.

I know not everyone likes to practice event WODs in advance, and I respect that. Still, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to practice. Thanks for working them into the schedule TWICE, Dave, and allowing us the individual practice sessions! It has been time well invested. I have no idea how my scores are going to stack up on the day of the competition, but I will know that I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to prepare for the day. That counts for a lot.